Monday, February 27, 2017

Painting Winter War Finns

I have finalized my process for painting my Winter War Finnish infantry. There are a lot of steps, but most of them go very quickly and don't require careful painting or much skill, so I was able to get my infantry painted relatively quickly using this process. There are also some steps (like numbers 14 and 20-24) that could be left out without making too much difference from a distance, but I thought they added enough to the overall look to be worth the little time they took. The paints I used are mostly out of print Citadel paint colors, but hopefully by looking at the pictures below for each stage you can figure out an equivalent color to use, if you want to follow a similar process.

Here is the full list of steps. Further down I have close up pictures showing the results of applying each step.

  1. Chaos Black - undercoat/basecoat everywhere
  2. Adeptus BattleGrey - paint winter camouflage coat/pants and helmets, hats, gloves, black boots, bases, and NCO pants, leaving black in recesses
  3. Fortress Grey - wet brush winter camouflage coat/pants, leaving some Astronomicon Grey at edges (AVOID boots, bases, gloves, hats, and NCO pants)
  4. Fortress Grey - edge highlight black boots
  5.  Codex Grey - dry brush NCO pants, black gloves, and cloth hats
  6. Codex Grey - edge highlight cloth hats
  7. Skull White - lightly wet brush winter camouflage coat/pants, leaving some grey at edges
  8. Catachan Green - basecoat bread bags and straps
  9. Salamander Green - paint helmets, paint wide stripe on NCO pants
  10. Tallarn Flesh - basecoat faces
  11. Gretchin Green - wet brush bread bags and their straps
  12. Badab Black - wash black boots, bases, black gloves, helmets
  13. Elf Flesh - highlight/wet brush faces
  14. Dwarf Flesh - paint lower lips
  15. Calthan Brown - basecoat rifle wood, brown leather boots, belts, mittens, and rifle straps
  16. Calthan Brown - wet brush ammo pouches, beards, hair, and cap fur
  17. Desert Yellow - wet brush/highlight rifle wood, brown leather boots, leather pouches, mittens
  18. Bleached Bone - highlight/dry brush mittens, wet brush rifle straps, beards, and cap fur
  19. Ogryn Flesh - wash rifle wood, brown leather boots, ammo pouches
  20. Adeptus BattleGrey - highlight gun metal and bayonets, paint helmet straps
  21. Chainmail - paint cap buttons, edges of bayonets, rifle bolts
  22. Skull White - paint cap badges and eyes
  23. Sky Blue - dot center of cap badges
  24. Chaos Black - dot eyeballs

Monday, February 6, 2017

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Warhammer Quest
Having arrived at the long-sought Silver Tower of Tzeentch, Byron quickly allied himself with a mistweaver saih and aelf assassin. He didn't have a great deal of choice, really. Even in the face of such peril as awaited them in the silver tower, many adventurers tend to avoid and distrust necromancers. The shadowy elves had no such qualms, however. And they spoke very little, which suited Byron just fine.

They fought their way through the first trial of the tower, learning each other's abilities and fighting styles as they worked their way through the ever-changing corridors. The assassin could easily slaughter his way through many enemies, while Byron and the mistweaver saih relied on magical blasts to attack enemies from afar, with Byron's summoned skeletons used to block off enemies from reaching them. Unfortunately, the skeletons often had trouble keeping up with the adventurers and often got left behind. The swift assassin would often also leave behind the other two adventurers, leaving the group even more spread out and vulnerable.