Monday, January 14, 2019

Nova Aetas - Mission 0.1 The Burning Hot Map

Egidio of Viterbo has instructed the mercenary company to meet with a messenger and accept the delivery of a highly secret and important letter. The four companions head to Spoleto towards the district of the village where they've been told to wait... The closer they get, the stronger the pungent smell of burning wood until they discover a group of men guided by a strange woman, setting fire to the homes in the district! What if they too are waiting for the messenger?

The companions gather around some carts (it is supposed to be a well in the middle, but I somehow lost the well token) and prepare to fend off the arsonists and find the messenger they were sent to meet.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Nova Aetas - Mission 0.0

After the umpteenth tavern fight sparked by a drunken friend, a unique band of free company mercenaries find themselves running through the narrow streets of Rome, when they unexpectedly hit a dead-end street. The only available escape route is being obstructed by a group of bandits. They need to find a way out of this dangerous situation before the group at their heels catches up to them.

Theodore the novice, William the squire, Elizabeth the apprentice, and Joanna the scum, resolve to fight their way through the bandits who are delaying them. They have known each other as part of the same free company, but now they will fight for their lives together in the back alleys of Rome.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Finale

Kingdom Death
Long ago, ravenous beasts searched the darkness, using their keen senses to find their prey. In the distance, they saw a blooming pillar of light surrounded by tasty morsels bustling in their tiny industry.

Licking their chops, they approached. But the beasts halted mid-step. The wind carried a foul, menacing presence. Surely the busy creatures were harmless. Yet, the menacing warning persisted, felt in their very bones. Instinctively, the beasts turned away, seeking their meals elsewhere.

Four chosen survivors prepare the face their ultimate predator, the mysterious being that slumbers at the center of the vast chamber hidden within the lantern horde.

Artemis, master of the bow, wears the trusty old rawhide armor, along with a lucky charm, and carries a cat gut bow and a beacon shield.

Aphrodite, the sword master, wears the screaming armor, forsaker mask, and a lucky charm. She is armed with the steel sword and protected by the other beacon shield.

Hephaestus wears the suit of lantern armor, another lucky charm, and a monster tooth necklace and carries a deadly, but somewhat difficult to use, whistling mace.

Odysseus, who has nearly mastered the use of his twilight sword, wears a full suit of phoenix armor and has the additional protection of the man mask.

These chosen survivors are joined by the rest of the settlement's population gathering at the lantern horde. Bracing themselves in anticipation of the terrifying unknown they must confront, the Olympians enter the chamber to face their destiny.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Year 25

Kingdom Death
The Olympians still need several specific types of phoenix resource in order to complete a full set of phoenix armor. To increase their chances of acquiring the necessary resources, they decide to risk hunting an adult (level 2) phoenix. They know how risky such an encounter can be, and even how dangerous the search for such a monster can be, having experienced near disaster attempting it before. Artemis, Hera, Romulus, and Remus are chosen to undertake the perilous hunt.

Artemis wears the trusty rawhide armor and carries a cat gut bow, claw head arrow, and a beacon shield. She insist on going on the hunt because she feels that with just a little more experience, she will be able to completely master the art of the bow. Hera wears the phoenix helm, placart, and greaves, and carries a scrap sword and beacon shield. Romulus wears the screaming armor and cat eye circlet. He is armed with the counter-weighted axe and carries a first aid kit to bolster their survivability. Remus wears the suit of lantern armor and is armed with a whistling mace, the blunt weapon made much more effective with the additional weight of the armor behind every swing.

As prepared as they can be, the brave survivors depart on their hunt.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Year 24

Kingdom Death
As The Hand approaches the outskirts of Olympus once again, the survivors prepare to endure the monster's test and hopefully gain the rewards of earning its respect. Zeus, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Odysseus choose their gear carefully, managing their affinities in order to draw The Hand's attention to Aphrodite and Artemis as much as possible. Aphrodite and Artemis carry the beacon shields. Aphrodite also applies copious amounts of monster grease, while Artemis is naturally quite evasive. The Olympians hope to entice The Hand into directing most of its attacks at Aphrodite and Artemis, who believe they can either dodge or block whatever the monster throws at them.

Zeus carries the steel shield and wears phoenix greaves to help him move faster, somewhat compensating for the effect of having to carry such a heavy shield. He also wears a rawhide headband which he will use to anticipate The Hand's attacks, allowing the survivors to draw The Hand toward Artemis and Aphrodite as much as possible. Odysseus has little to protect him if attacked, his only hope being the dried acanthus he carries possibly saving him from an otherwise fatal wound. He also wears the cat eye circlet, just in case the Olympians determine they can achieve some advantage from attacking The Hand. For the most part, they intend only to spread out and block with their shields, doing whatever they can to draw the monster's attacks toward Aphrodite and Artemis.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Year 23

Kingdom Death
Knowing they will need more resources to prepare to faced the sinister presence in the lantern horde, the Olympians determine to risk hunting another mature (level 2) phoenix. They also want more of their recently born survivors to gain some valuable experience fighting monsters. So Artemis and Hephaestus will lead newcomers Remus Lanterna and Odysseus on the hunt.

Artemis is protected by a full suit of lantern armor. She is armed with a cat gut bow, claw head arrow, and bone darts as backup. Hephaestus wears rawhide armor and carries a whistling mace and beacon shield. Remus wears screaming armor and wields the counter-weighted axe. Odysseus, son of Dionysus, wields his father's twilight sword, carries a beacon shield, and wears rawhide armor and the forsaker mask, allowing him to fight with incredible ferocity.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Beresinia Campaign Game 3 - Disrupt Supply Lines - Tyranids vs Adeptus Astartes

Count Xuvorov's adventurous spirit has led him to travel throughout the Imperium, and even beyond, over the years. Some of these journeys have taken him to forbidden locations and into illegal and heretical contact with vile xenos species. In fact, after Count Xuvorov's successful uprising to overthrow the imperial governor of Beresinia, imperial authorities might have simply looked the other way (provided tithes still were made on schedule) if not for the rumors of the Count's fascination with xenos and his frequent illegal explorations.

Count Xuvarov often returns from his journeys laden with rare xenos artifacts or ancient human archeotech. On one such unsanctioned journey, he returned to Beresinia with more than he bargained for. A small Tyranid organism stowed away on a landing shuttle and was brought aboard the count's ship back to Beresinia, where it made its escape. Alone and bereft of the guiding presence of the Hive Mind, being beyond the reach of the nearest hive fleet, the creature was left to follow its rudimentary instincts.

The creature set about devouring any biomass it could find, while avoiding contact with Beresinia's inhabitants. Eventually it found a suitable nesting location in a long abandoned ruin, and began to hibernate. Over time it metamorphosized into Tyranid warrior, emerging into the ruins of the city of St. Basilovsk, now an active warzone. At night the warrior would creep through the ruins gathering the biomass of stragglers or small groups of refugees. The local populace came to refer to the mysterious monster that hunted them as the Nightmare Slayer.