Monday, October 28, 2019

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower - Trial of Ghyran

Byron and his wight king companion now each possess a fragment of the gaunt summoner's amulet. As they prepare themselves for the next trial the silver tower will place before them, the champions look for another adventurer to ally with. Considering how useful the late mistweaver saih had been in their previous trial, they hope to find another magic user to join them, ideally a gullible one so they won't have too much trouble maintaining possession of any amulet fragments they find together. After some searching, the pair meet a human wizard who seems like he might just fit the bill, and the three of them agree to explore together.

They soon find themselves in walking in a downward spiral through a crystal tunnel, it's walls carved in the likeness of vines and roots. Glittering insects chirp all around them, and as they descended deeper a green glow begins to emanate from the crystalline walls. The green light grows brighter and more intense the further they descend, then suddenly the champions are propelled by magical force into a small ingress chamber. It looks as though their next trial has now begun.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team

Colonel Kutuzov's Rangers, a light infantry regiment in Count Xuvorov's personal army, have been detached on covert missions behind enemy lines for some time now. Currently, several companies of the 3rd battalion are operating in the blasted ruins of an industrial district in the city of St. Basilovsk. A squad is performing reconnaissance, marching in tight formation with conscripts to the front, as per regulations. As everyone knows, the best way to find the enemy is to make yourself as conspicuous as possible so the enemy finds you. Luckily, the patrolling squad is about to discover some very useful information concerning enemy dispositions.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower - Trial of Chamon

The wight king now carries the fragment of Hysh. Having completed their first trial, the unlikely companions search for the next piece of the fragment. Byron Manfred ponders how he will separate himself and the wight king from the Tzeentchian sorcerer lord so they won't have to share their prize with the chaos worshiper. His scheming proves unnecessary however, as the sorcerer simply disappears one day, as abruptly as he had appeared to them in the first place. Byron wonders if the Tzeentchian sorcerer's appearance was all part of some unknowable scheme by the duplicitous followers of the changer of ways from the very beginning.

Nevertheless, Byron looks to recruit another unsuspecting adventurer he can use to help him acquire another fragment of the gaunt summoner's amulet. He eventually meets an aloof mistweaver saih. Byron has no idea what a mistweaver saih is, but is impressed by her mystical powers and convinces her to join him and the wight king in their search. The mistweaver hopes to learn more about the silver tower from her new companions, seeing that they have found a fragment of the amulet already. Together, they set out in search of their next trial.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower - Trial of Hysh

Byron Manfred wandered the silver tower for what seemed like many ages before attempting another of the tower's trials. He knew he could not rely on the companions he had been adventuring with, and was unsure how to proceed. He left behind his initial companions, making many attempts to find suitable partners in his quest. These all ended in disappointment, and he explored and pondered for a very long time. In his wanderings, he eventually lost the fragments he had acquired and the powerful skills the tower had granted him as rewards for his deeds. After all his fighting and exploring, his epic battles won against all odds, he was essentially back where he began, no closer to his goal that when he had first set foot in the accursed silver tower.

One fateful day, while wandering the labyrinthine passageways of the silver tower, Byron encountered an ancient wight king. Byron though the wight king would be an idea companion. Byron was confident that he could, if necessary, use his advanced necromantic powers to influence the undead warrior into doing his bidding. The wight king had also been wandering for ages, and needed some guidance. So the two joined forces. Byron explained some of what he knew about the fragments of power the would need to collect, and they set off together in search of them.

Shortly thereafter, a Tzeentchian sorcerer lord appeared to them, offering to help them. The sorcerer claimed to know exactly where they could find a piece of the amulet, which was of course being sought by all the silver towers prisoners. Byron was suspicious of the convenient appearance of the sorcerer who happened to worship the being who created the tower in the first place. Was the sudden and convenient appearance of the sorcerer merely luck? Could it be Destiny? Or were they experiencing the sinister machinations of Tzeentch? Byron did not know, but to get his quest back on track after all this time, he was willing to risk it.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Nova Aetas - Mission 2.4 The Lion's Den

The mercenary companions have reached Venezia in pursuit of the Doge's troops. Here, among the canals of this picturesque town they know that they will accomplish their destiny. Here between the channels and masks the Doge is waiting...

Along with his normal guards, The Doge is accompanied by Jacopo Adoaldi. The heroes believe they have defeated Adoaldi previously, but it turns out that was merely a decoy posing as Adoaldi. The real Jacopo Adoaldi will not be so easily defeated. However, the heroes do have the power of the Blood of Gaea at their disposal. Joanna carries the potent artifact into the battle.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Nova Aetas - Quest 0.3 - A Book for a Genius

In order to make some additional money to prepare for their final confrontation with the Doge, the mercenary companions have taken on the seemingly simple job of delivering a scroll to an eccentric old man.

“Dear sirs, I kindly ask that you bring this ancient scroll to my friend Leonardo. It is a precious document and many spiteful persons would love to get their hands on it; it is a formulary allowing the creation of a marvel from times gone by.” Andrea Del Verrocchio.

The heroes know they would not have been hired for the job if it was going to be a simple delivery, so they prepare themselves for trouble. Just before reaching their destination, they run into the trouble they were expecting.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Nova Aetas - Mission 2.3 Face to Face

The heroes have come to Modena trying to go unnoticed. The situation in the city seems quiet, but they constantly have the feeling of being followed. This stress is added to their concerns about the malfunction of the Blood of Gaea. While the mercenary companions sit in an inn discussing what to do, a voice coming from outside calls for them get out of the room. Their worst fears are realized when the companions find themselves before Jacopo Adoaldi himself. Next to him, they notice a strange woman uttering incomprehensible words, but they can see the Blood of Gaea react to the chant! Adoaldi doesn't waste any time asking the heroes to surrender, immediately ordering an attack!