Monday, February 6, 2017

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Warhammer Quest
Having arrived at the long-sought Silver Tower of Tzeentch, Byron quickly allied himself with a mistweaver saih and aelf assassin. He didn't have a great deal of choice, really. Even in the face of such peril as awaited them in the silver tower, many adventurers tend to avoid and distrust necromancers. The shadowy elves had no such qualms, however. And they spoke very little, which suited Byron just fine.

They fought their way through the first trial of the tower, learning each other's abilities and fighting styles as they worked their way through the ever-changing corridors. The assassin could easily slaughter his way through many enemies, while Byron and the mistweaver saih relied on magical blasts to attack enemies from afar, with Byron's summoned skeletons used to block off enemies from reaching them. Unfortunately, the skeletons often had trouble keeping up with the adventurers and often got left behind. The swift assassin would often also leave behind the other two adventurers, leaving the group even more spread out and vulnerable.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Year 6

Kingdom Death
Hera, Dionysus, Ares, and Hephaestus depart Olympus to hunt for a (level 1) white lion. Hera is armed with a scrap sword and wears a full set of rawhide armor. Dionysus wears some rawhide and carries his twilight sword. Hephaestus brings the king spear, and Ares carries the butcher's cleaver in one hand and a bone ax in the other.

On the way, the survivors find a lion cub, which they slaughter, gaining some precious resources. The rest of their hunt is relatively uneventful, and they eventually track down an adult white lion.

Monday, December 12, 2016

First Winter War Finns

I started painting my first batch of Winter War Finns. These are the Baker Company models from their Winter War Kickstarter. I'm still working out a paint scheme for them. I have a lot of them to paint, so I'm trying to come up with something quick that still gives decent results with plausible colors for the uniforms and equipment. Have a look below for some pictures of my initial attempt.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Warhammer Quest Skaven Stormvermin

Warhammer Quest
It has been a while since I've made any progress on the Warhammer Quest monsters, but I've finally completed a group of 12 Skaven Stormvermin. The paint job was pretty straightforward and similar to my previous Warhammer Quest Skaven, but for some reason it took a long time to get these finished. I suppose because I had other projects being worked on at the same time that I had more motivation to make progress on.

With these completed, I'm now very close to having the entire level 1 monster table painted, which you'd think would motivate me to work faster to reach that milestone. However, looking over the level 2 monster list and seeing how huge an undertaking that will be is somewhat discouraging. But I suppose I've just got to keep plugging away at it. Getting all the monsters painted for Warhammer Quest was always going to be a huge undertaking. Certainly a marathon, not a sprint, so I'll have to accept that there will be periods of relative inactivity. In any case, have a look at the Stormvermin below and let me know what you think.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Kingdom Death Leather Armor Survivors

Kingdom Death
I've finished another magnetized set of Kingdom Death survivors. This time it was the Leather Armor set. I painted a mix of dark brown, light brown, and black leather to add some variety. Otherwise the painting was pretty basic. This kit did present some new challenges when it came to magnetizing them, which you will be able to see in the pictures below.

First, I had a hard time attaching a hand to the leather shield in a way that would allow it to fit on any arm, but still look like a natural way to hold a shield. So that didn't turn out very well. Hopefully someday I'll get around to making some new shield holding hands that look a little better but will still fit on at least most of the arms.

Second, it's almost impossible to get the hand holding the coiled whip to look good. Because a section of the whip hangs down, it needs to be aligned perfectly correctly, with the end of the whip hanging exactly vertically, or it looks wrong, like it's defying gravity. Very few arms will happen to be in exactly the right position to make this work, so I'll mostly have to use the hand with the uncoiled whip in mid swing.

Finally, there were a couple of really big weapons, with one being so top-heavy that the magnets wouldn't hold it upright. From now on I will use longer rod magnets in the forearms to give a stronger hold on these heavier weapons, but that revelation came too late to help with this armor set. Instead I added some weight to the bottom of the Counter-weighted Axe (which is actually not counter-weighted at all by default). That helps it balance better at just about any angle, and as a bonus it makes the name much more appropriate.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Painted Warhammer Krell, or Wight King with Black Axe

Having picked up the Warhammer Age of Sigmar General's Compendium, I became interested in the Path to Glory campaign rules contained therein. I was hoping to arrange a Path to Glory campaign at some point using my old Vampire Counts models. The new factions are much more limited, and my variety of different Vampire Counts stuff doesn't really make a coherent faction anymore. The closest I had and the simplest to implement was the Deathrattle faction, which contains Skeletons, Grave Guard, and Black Knights, lead by a Wight King. I don't have a painted Wight King, but have several unpainted, so this gave me the inspiration to finally paint one of them up.

I went with my finecast Krell model, who is no longer Krell in the Age of Sigmar, but simply a Wight King with Black Axe (of Krell). It's a really nice model. I tried to imitate the blue glow look of the black axe in the paint job on the Games Workshop website, but couldn't really pull it off. That aside, I think he turned out pretty well for a quick paint job, and hopefully someday he'll get to lead his war band to glory. Have a look below for plenty of pictures.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Black Powder American Civil War Battle Report: Surprise in the Forest

A Union division and a Confederate division approach each other cautiously through a vast woodland. Each commander is performing a reconnaissance in force, probing the wilderness for signs of the enemy. As such they don't know where they will encounter the enemy or in what strength. In addition to seeing off any enemy they encounter, they will be well served by occupying and holding onto any tactically valuable positions in anticipation of a potential escalation in the fighting.