Friday, January 16, 2009

Warmaster Chaos Warriors

Here are some pictures of Warmaster miniatures I painted a long time ago. I started making a Chaos Warrior army for Warmaster, but didn't get too far. I never ending up playing a game of Warmaster because I didn't finish painting an army, and nobody else I know painted pretty much any Warmaster stuff. It seems like a fun game, so hopefully I'll get a chance to play it someday. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the Chaos Warrior miniatures I have painted so far.

Chaos Warriors

Chaos Warriors Chaos Warriors Chaos Warriors


Marauders Marauders Marauders Marauders Marauders

Chaos Hounds

Chaos Hounds Chaos Hounds Chaos Hounds


Warmaster Warmaster Warmaster Warmaster

In Warmaster, if I remember correctly, you could make brigades of up to four units that would be issued orders together and move around together. I decided to create a brigade of two Chaos Warrior units, and two Marauder units. I have no idea if that would actually be good in the game, but it seemed reasonable. And I figured I would differentiate different brigades by their predominate colors, including the color of their flags. So these pictures show the "Red" brigade. Another brigade of four infantry units would have all their flags, tassels, etc., painted some other color. It's not really neccessary, since it's easy to tell who is brigaded together as they would be in base to base contact. But I thought it would look good, and maybe be a good way to represent the army being composed of different tribes or families, or brigades devoted to different Chaos gods.

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