Monday, December 21, 2009

10mm Union and Confederate Armies

I have finally finished the first block of figures I wanted to have for my 10mm Union and Confederate Civil War armies. This includes a brigade of 5 infantry regiments, one cavalry regiment (both mounted and dismounted versions), and one artillery battery for each side, along with some command bases. I plan to expand each force in roughly the same proportions to eventually end up with: a division of three infantry brigades, a cavalry brigade, and several artillery batteries to use as a reserve or add to the other brigades. So I'll have to do two more similar sized blocks for each side, plus a few extra cavalry regiments and artillery batteries. Before I start on that, however, I am going to paint and base up some casualty markers. But for now, I want to enjoy the accomplishment of finishing the first chunk of each army. So here are some pictures of everything I have so far for each side (with the exception of a couple of Union command bases that I somehow missed):

Union Army
Union Army Union Army Union Army

Confederate Army
Confederate Army Confederate Army Confederate Army

I really like how these look when they're all on a table together. It's quite an impressive sight. And now that I have even forces painted for both sides, I'm really looking forward to getting in a game with them.


  1. They look good. I especially like the Rebs. Congrats on finishing these micro-armies and thanks for posting your techniques and color schemes w/ GW paint.


  2. Thank you. I will probably post some new step by step tutorials at some point, when I start in on my second brigade for each side. I've been refining my technique a bit, and I think improving on my rebels. The results for the Union figures still need some improvement I think, so I'll have to experiment a little first.