Friday, July 30, 2010

Shrine of the Aquila

I've finished painting my Shrine of the Aquila, the first large building I've attempted to paint. It took quite a while, so there are probably much better methods than mine.

I first sprayed the whole thing black. Then I sprayed it gray, but not a heavy enough coat to completely cover everything. Then I drybrushed many of the raised areas with a lighter gray color. Here is where I think I could have saved some time by getting a large quantity of some cheaper paint, and a large flat brush, and just drybrushed the whole thing.

After that, it was mostly details. I painted Tin Bitz paint around all the rivets to make them look rusty, and then painted the rivets themselves Boltgun Metal. This took a long time, as there are quite a lot of rivets on this thing. I painted some other areas, like the housings around the lights, in Boltgun Metal as well. I painted the lights light blue with a drybrushing of white in the center, and also put some black in on the hoses.

That's about it. After a spray coat of gloss varnish I put a few transfer decals on the inside, and then a spray coat of matte varnish. Here are some pictures.

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