Monday, March 13, 2017

Kingdom Death King's Man and The Hand

Kingdom Death
See below for some pictures of my painted King's Man and The Hand. I tried my best to get something close to the "official" color scheme from some pictures I found through Google. I think they were from art cards that came with the resin versions of The Hand and the King's Man. Currently the images can be found on a Kingdom Death fan wiki here: The Hand and King's Man. Painting the King's Man was pretty straightforward, but the Hand was much more elaborate.

The picture of The Hand has intricate patterns all over his clothing. I wasn't going to try to freehand paint anything like the actual patterns, but I did try to achieve a similar effect. All I really did was put random little squiggly lines all over, without trying to actually make a pattern out of it. Up close it is obvious the lines don't really form any kind of patter, but at a tabletop distance the effect is fairly convincing. So I'm pretty happy with how that turned out. I'm also pretty happy with the metallic cloth effect I was able to achieve on The Hand's cape. I don't think the gold armor pieces turned out very well, but maybe if I give them a gloss varnish coat to make them more shiny that will help.