Monday, December 17, 2012

Painted 10mm GHQ Confederate Stonewall Brigade Regiments

Today I've just got some pictures of two recently finished regiments to add to my Confederate Stonewall brigade. The miniatures are 10mm GHQ from the pack "Marching in Shell Jacket & Forage Cap (CSA)", with some command figures from other packs. I still have two more regiments to finish before my Stonewall Brigade is complete. I've already done the Rockbridge Artillery and General "Stonewall" Jackson himself.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Painted Wargames Factory Skeleton Warriors

I finished painting up a unit of Wargames Factory skeletons. I gave most of them some old Games Workshop coffin lid shields that I've had sitting around a long time. I also used some left-over weapons from the Mantic skeletons, and bunch of shields from other things. The idea with this unit was to have them look like recently raised skeletons, so they haven't yet been equipped like the rest of the army. So, many of them just grabbed the lid from their own coffin as a shield and picked up whatever weapon they could find. I can use them as extras in a Warhammer game for when I raise more skeletons in any of my other units than I have miniatures for, which is why some have spears and some have swords. Or I can band them all together into a unit of disorganized-looking newly raised skeletons.