Friday, October 23, 2015

Painted Kingdom Death: Monster starting survivors and white lion

Kingdom Death
I finished assembling and painting the four starting survivors and the first monster (the white lion) for Kingdom Death: Monster. The survivors were an interesting challenge. They are mostly bare skin skin, with just a white cloth draped over them. The miniatures are very true scale, and lack the exaggerated features and recesses that would allow for a base color and wash to get good results. I also gave each of the four survivors a different skin tone, so I had to find different combinations of paints that worked well for each of them, and the results varied. I also always have trouble with painting white cloth, though I think it turned out pretty well this time. Many of my pictures of the survivors turned out blurry, but have a look below to see how they turned out, and further down for some pictures of the white lion.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Frostgrave first game battle report

I recently played a game of Frostgrave at my local gaming store. I don't own and haven't read the rules, so I was mostly relying on explanations from the people who had played before, along with looking things up in a copy of the book when needed. The game is simple enough to play with minimal explanation, though I'm sure we must have gotten some things wrong along the way, which may or may not have impacted my impression of the game. See below for a battle report and my thoughts on Frostgrave based on my introductory game.