Monday, October 28, 2019

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower - Trial of Ghyran

Byron and his wight king companion now each possess a fragment of the gaunt summoner's amulet. As they prepare themselves for the next trial the silver tower will place before them, the champions look for another adventurer to ally with. Considering how useful the late mistweaver saih had been in their previous trial, they hope to find another magic user to join them, ideally a gullible one so they won't have too much trouble maintaining possession of any amulet fragments they find together. After some searching, the pair meet a human wizard who seems like he might just fit the bill, and the three of them agree to explore together.

They soon find themselves in walking in a downward spiral through a crystal tunnel, it's walls carved in the likeness of vines and roots. Glittering insects chirp all around them, and as they descended deeper a green glow begins to emanate from the crystalline walls. The green light grows brighter and more intense the further they descend, then suddenly the champions are propelled by magical force into a small ingress chamber. It looks as though their next trial has now begun.