Monday, April 10, 2017

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Episode 2

See the previous episode here.

After their successes in obtaining the fragments of Hysh and Shyish, Byron was persuaded by his Aelf companions (against his better judgement) to attempt the trial of Ghyran. They didn't get far. The party immediately encountered a fleeing skaven deathrunner assassin. Before they could defeat the wily adversary, the acolytes it was apparently fleeing from arrived. The Aelf assassin, already badly wounded, was butchered by an acolyte with two weapons. (Already with four wounds, he was wounded a further four times by the one acolyte.)

Byron and the mistweaver saih (and Byron's skeletons) fought on without their comrade (as they had grown accustomed to doing) and defeated the deathrunner. Before they could finish off the remaining acolytes, another deathruner assassin and more acolytes turned up. The two adventurers fought on heroically, but eventually the mistweaver and finally the necromancer were brought down by the deathrunner and the acolytes.