Thursday, August 21, 2014

Warhammer Quest: Destroy the Tomb

Warhammer Quest
The Dwarf Lords of Karak Azul have recently deciphered an ancient Dwarf scroll written in runes so old that even the Dwarfs have taken many years to identify their true meaning. Early on, the Dwarfs realised that it described a shrine of great magical power located somewhere in the Worlds Edge Mountains, beneath the tomb of a mighty Warrior. The Dwarfs knew that to find the shrine would put them in control of the most powerful forces they could possibly unleash upon their foes. The exact location was a mystery until recently when, after many years of painstaking work, it was finally pinpointed. To the Dwarfs’ horror, they realised that the shrine was directly below the Orc Fortress of Iron Rock.

The Dwarfs decided that the shrine had to be destroyed to prevent it falling into Orc hands. If the Orcs should find it, who knows what they would do? An attack by a large force would raise the Orcs’ suspicions about the Dwarfs’ motives, so the Dwarfs have asked the Warriors to sneak into the Orc stronghold to destroy the shrine.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Warhammer Quest Painted Warrior Priest Character

Warhammer Quest
I have repainted my Warhammer Quest Warrior Priest character model. He had a very basic, an not very good, paint job from a long, long time ago. I probably should have stripped off the old paint and started over from scratch, but I didn't. I just painted right over the existing paint, which was on there pretty thick, and it turned out okay. Have a look below and let me know what you think.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Horse and Musket Bolt Action - with Cavalry Rules

I've taken a first pass at writing some cavalry rules for a Horse and Musket era version of Bolt Action. I have also cleaned up some of the other rules to make them more clear, and included it all below so everything is in one place.


Cavalry models act the same as Infantry except as noted below.
Cavalry can mount or dismount using 6" of movement. While mounted, the following rules apply:
  • Orders: They cannot go Down voluntarily. They can perform an escape move when assaulted by infantry, like a recce vehicle.
  • Movement: They can Advance 12" and Run 24". They cannot enter buildings. They ignore obstacles, unless deemed impassible to Cavalry.
  • Shooting: Shooting attacks against them receive a +1 to hit modifier. They suffer a -1 penalty to hit rolls when shooting while mounted. When firing on the move (with an Advance order), the only weapons they can fire are those that have the Cavalry type. The only weapons they can reload while mounted are those with the Cavalry type.
  • Assault: Assault damage rolls against them receive a -1 penalty. They cannot benefit from using two assault weapons together.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Display Case for Miniatures

I have finally gotten around to getting some display cases for some of my painted miniatures, and I'm so glad I did. For a while, I have been thinking that it is quite a shame to spend so much time painting up miniatures just to stick them in a carrying case in a closet and never see them. So I have wanted to get something to display my painted miniatures in for a while now, and recently I finally got around to it. I ordered two glass curio cabinets made by a company called Coaster Home Furnishings. They were not easy to assemble on my own, but I got it done and filled them up with some painted miniatures, and it is quite nice to walk by and have a glance at some of my painting accomplishments. Have a look at some pictures below.