Monday, May 5, 2014

Warhammer Quest: Nurgle's Rot

Warhammer Quest
The city of Praag, which lies close to the border of the Chaos Wastes, has been struck with the dreaded Nurgle’s Rot, a disease spread by the foul Power of pestilence and decay. The death toll is mounting, but the physicians in the city are powerless unless they can find a cure. There appears to be only one hope.

In the ancient myths and songs of Kislev, a fountain is described that has waters so pure and so cold that any creature harbouring any evil nature is frozen to death as soon as it touches the waters. The doctors of Praag believe that this may provide a cure for the disease.

The fountain is said to lie in the mountains north of the High Pass. The Warriors must seek it out and return with some of the precious liquid. They are given a special container in which to carry the water.