Saturday, September 21, 2013

Warhammer Quest: Desecration

Warhammer Quest
Deep in the ruined cities of the Dwarfs, now occupied by Orcs, Goblins and even worse creatures, many of the once noble temples and shrines have been defiled. In their place are crude altars set up by these evil creatures, dedicated to all manner of foul Gods. Apart from the obvious pleasure of killing the invaders of their ancestral homes, and hopefully recovering some of the long-lost treasures, the Dwarf Kings also pay a rich reward for every evil temple destroyed.

The Warriors have been charged with the task of locating one of these temples that is reputed to lie deep below the ground in the ruins of Karak Azgal. Kargun Skalfson, deposed Lord of Karak Azgal, has allowed the Warriors into the ruins to search for the temple, and has waived his right to a share of any treasure they discover on the way - as long as they bring back evidence of the destruction of the temple.

Secretly, Skalfson does not believe there is a temple, and therefore hopes to persuade the Warriors to venture into the most dangerous regions of Karak Azgal in search of it. If they survive these hazardous, long-unexplored regions, they will surely find a great deal of treasure - and as there is no temple, he will gain his share of the treasure as usual.