Monday, February 19, 2018

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Year 13

Athena II, Dionysus, Hades, and Apollo depart in search of a mature (level 2) screaming antelope. Athena wears the full suit of antelope armor and wields the counterweighted axe. Dionysus wears the skull helmet fashioned from the skull of Ares, along with the forsaker mask and cat eye circlet. He also wears a cloth draped around his waist. He wields his twilight sword and also carries a cat gut bow and claw head arrow. Hades and Apollo wear the suits of rawhide armor. Hades is armed with both the butcher's cleaver and bone axe, while Apollo carries the scrap sword.

The survivors immediately encounter a dead antelope, but find no signs of any living antelopes nearby. They next discover a huge, grimacing stone face with lava flowing from the eyes. Its gritted teeth appear to hold a worn sword. Athena braves the lava to grab the old sword, which they call the adventure sword. Then the survivors find themselves distracted by a dark crack in the stone face floor. Hades is unable to tear himself away and stoops to gaze into the depths until the other survivors drag him away. Whatever he glimpsed changes him forever (gain a random disorder), turning him into a rage-aholic.