Monday, April 22, 2019

Nova Aetas - Mission 1.4: Ambushed!

The mercenary companions have managed to obtain the Blood of Gaea, but they know there are other forces in this adventure seeking to gain possession of it. Roma and Venezia are about to go to war and the beholder of the Blood of Gaea is likely to reap a huge advantage in the battle that will shortly break out. The companions are heading to Bologna and they have set up camp. All of a sudden a silence falls over the forest and from the midst of the darkness, the now familiar shadows of the Venetians emerge, at the service of Venezia. They have sprung an ambush! Will the heroes be able to react in time?

Luckily, the heroes have been on alert, expecting to run into some trouble on their journey. They sleep fully armed and take shifts on watch, so that at a moment's notice they can all spring to their feet fully armed and ready to meet the attack head on.