Monday, July 22, 2013

Warhammer Quest: Exorcism

Warhammer Quest
Deep below Middenheim there is a maze of tunnels inhabited by all manner of evil creatures. No-one ventures into this dark realm, and the entrances in the city have been sealed for centuries. Now, however, an evil presence has been detected by the priests of Ulric, the holy leaders of the city.

The source of this malign power is growing, and resides somewhere in the ancient catacombs below the city. The priests suspect it may be the spirit of a long dead Necromancer, returned to wreak havoc once again on the inhabitants of Middenheim. Like moths to a candle, other malign and twisted creatures are being drawn to the tunnels below Middenheim by this evil presence.

Carrying holy artifacts from the temples of the city, the Warriors must descend into the catacombs to exorcise the evil before its power grows too strong to contain.