Monday, September 29, 2014

Warhammer Quest Painted Chaos Warrior Character

Warhammer Quest
I finally got around to repainting my Warhammer Quest Chaos Warrior character model. I don't have much to say about the paint job. It is pretty basic. I wanted to downplay the obvious chaos elements, since I imagine he would have to hide the blatant signs of chaos worship while travelling around the Old World. I assume he doesn't carry the gigantic axe and equally huge belt buckle around town with him, since they have obvious chaos icons on them. Without those, he should be able to pass for a normal human knight out on a quest. At least a normal human knight who really likes skulls and horns.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Warhammer Quest: Fountain of Lost Souls - Part 3

Warhammer Quest
If you wish to read the previous two episodes in this adventure, click on the links below.

Part 1
Part 2

After failing twice already, the Imperial noble and his band of adventurers make their way once again to the dungeon where they hope to retrieve the gemstones containing their stolen souls. The gems lie within the waters of the Burning Fountain, hidden deep beneath the Dragonback Mountains. Will they finally succeed, or are their souls forever lost? Read on to find out!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Warhammer Quest: Fountain of Lost Souls - Part 2

Warhammer Quest
See Part 1 of this adventure here.

A band of adventurers, led by an Imperial Noble, return to a dungeon they were previously forced to abandon, which lies in the caves beneath the Dragonback Mountains. They hope to retrieve the magical gems in which their souls have been imprisoned by a conniving sorcerer. Will they have any better luck on their second attempt? Read on to find out.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Warhammer Quest: Fountain of Lost Souls - Part 1

Warhammer Quest
A mighty Sorcerer, resident in Marienburg, wishes to find the Burning Fountain, a mythical place rumoured to exist somewhere in the caves below the Dragonback Mountains. Scrying its exact location has proven to be of no use, but he has managed to obtain a picture of the fountain itself in his sorcerous mirror, confirming that it does indeed lie somewhere under the mountains, and is guarded by ferocious monsters.

No matter how much gold he offers, no one can be found to venture that far afield, so he has cunningly entrapped the four Warriors under a curse, capturing their souls in glowing gems. Using powerful magic, he has reached through his mirror and dropped these gems into the fountain.

The Warriors have no choice but to find the fountain and retrieve their lost souls. The gems must be returned to the Sorcerer before he can reunite the Warriors’ ethereal bodies with their physical bodies. He is apologetic about this underhand trick, but does promise rich rewards if the Warriors succeed in capturing some of the waters in a specially prepared container while they are there.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Warhammer Quest: Sword of the Deathking

Warhammer Quest
The Fortress of Vorag lies beyond the Badlands, on the Plain of Bone. It was from this proud, cruel citadel that Ashkral Deathking, a follower of the all-powerful Necromancer Nagash, ruled many centuries ago. Endless legions of the dead strode to battle at his command, and the living fell before their unearthly might.

When Ashkral was overthrown by the Orc Warlord Morak Bloodcrusher, the dying Necromancer swore that he would one day return. His shattered body was taken by his acolytes to a secret place deep beneath Cripple Peak, on the shores of the Sour Sea. However, the Deathking was not truly dead, he was merely in a state of limbo between this life and the next. The only weapon said to be truly able to kill the Deathking was the sword he himself had wielded. This was to be buried with him so that it could not fulfil its destiny, and so that he could wield the powerful blade when he arose from beyond the grave.

Unfortunately, on the way to his tomb, the acolytes carrying the sword were ambushed and killed. With his last burst of energy, before he passed over to meet his master, the head acolyte hurled the sword into the Sour Sea, screaming that it would never be seen again until the Deathking stirred once more.

Since then, there have been great upheavals in the land, both politically and physically. The nearby volcano, Karag Haraz, has erupted many times in the years since the Deathking’s defeat, spewing lava and magma across the region and causing the earth to tremble and shift. Over the years the citadel has been reduced to rubble and the Deathking’s story has passed into legend.

However, after the most recent eruption an ancient sword was thrown up onto the surface, and the entrance to a long sealed dungeon revealed. The myth of the Deathking, so long regarded as nothing more than a story, looked to be possible!

The Warriors have been summoned to take the sword and enter the newly-opened dungeon, there to find and slay the Deathking once and for all before he rises from his grave.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Warhammer Quest Painted Imperial Noble Character

Warhammer Quest
I have repainted my Warhammer Quest Imperial Noble character model. He had a very basic, an not very good, paint job from a long, long time ago. I probably should have stripped off the old paint and started over from scratch, but I didn't. I just painted right over the existing paint, which was on there pretty thick, and it turned out okay. Have a look below and let me know what you think.