Monday, September 8, 2014

Warhammer Quest: Sword of the Deathking

Warhammer Quest
The Fortress of Vorag lies beyond the Badlands, on the Plain of Bone. It was from this proud, cruel citadel that Ashkral Deathking, a follower of the all-powerful Necromancer Nagash, ruled many centuries ago. Endless legions of the dead strode to battle at his command, and the living fell before their unearthly might.

When Ashkral was overthrown by the Orc Warlord Morak Bloodcrusher, the dying Necromancer swore that he would one day return. His shattered body was taken by his acolytes to a secret place deep beneath Cripple Peak, on the shores of the Sour Sea. However, the Deathking was not truly dead, he was merely in a state of limbo between this life and the next. The only weapon said to be truly able to kill the Deathking was the sword he himself had wielded. This was to be buried with him so that it could not fulfil its destiny, and so that he could wield the powerful blade when he arose from beyond the grave.

Unfortunately, on the way to his tomb, the acolytes carrying the sword were ambushed and killed. With his last burst of energy, before he passed over to meet his master, the head acolyte hurled the sword into the Sour Sea, screaming that it would never be seen again until the Deathking stirred once more.

Since then, there have been great upheavals in the land, both politically and physically. The nearby volcano, Karag Haraz, has erupted many times in the years since the Deathking’s defeat, spewing lava and magma across the region and causing the earth to tremble and shift. Over the years the citadel has been reduced to rubble and the Deathking’s story has passed into legend.

However, after the most recent eruption an ancient sword was thrown up onto the surface, and the entrance to a long sealed dungeon revealed. The myth of the Deathking, so long regarded as nothing more than a story, looked to be possible!

The Warriors have been summoned to take the sword and enter the newly-opened dungeon, there to find and slay the Deathking once and for all before he rises from his grave.

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