Nemesis Crown Campaign - A series of Warhammer Fantasy games played for the Nemesis Crown global campaign. Naturally the story centers around the search for a legendary magical artifact known as the Nemesis Crown.

Attraignnor IV Campaign - A map-based four player Warhammer 40,000 campaign. Chaos Space Marines battled Tau for control of the capitol city of an Imperial world. The rules in the Cityfight supplement were use for all games due to the urban setting of the campaign.

Grismeire Valley Campaign - A map-based Warhammer Fantasy campaign with four players. Bretonnians and High Elves fought to defend the Grismeire Valley in Bretonnia from an invasion by Vampire Counts and their Beastmen allies.

Tyranid Invasion of 18-D93 - A series of loosely linked Warhammer 40,000 games following the exploits of a Tyranid force invading an imperial world full of Orks.

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