Monday, April 18, 2016

Kingdom Death Cloth and Rawhide Armor Survivors

Kingdom Death
I've finished painting the bodies, heads, and weapons for my magnetized cloth and rawhide survivors. It was a pain trying to paint the individual heads and weapons, but having every option available to me going forward will be worth the effort I put into it. I magnetized at least two of each weapon, one right handed and one left handed. I also painted all of the heads from the cloth and rawhide armor sprues, so I can make a huge variety of unique survivors with these.

The painting was pretty basic. I did have to make sure all the skin tones turned out very consistent across all the different bodies and heads. I also needed to come up with a lot of different hair colors. I only took pictures with a small number of the available heads. There are many more, and I didn't want them all to have the same hair color, so painting the hair was pretty time consuming. Especially because the highlights mostly had to be manually painted, since the details were too shallow for a drybrush or wash to pick them out effectively.