Monday, May 22, 2017

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Year 7

Dionysus, Athena II, Hades, and the newly born green savior Helen head out in search of a (level 1) white lion. Dionysus and Helen each wear a full suit of rawhide armor, while Athena II wears a skull helm. Dionysus carries his twilight sword, Helen is armed with the scrap sword, Athena II carries the butcher's cleaver, and Hades is armed with the king spear and also carries some bandages.

One night while out on the hunt, Dionysus and Athena both experience night terrors, and are affected in different ways. Dionysus becomes traumatized by what he sees (will fall down if adjacent to a monster at the end of his act) while Athena II is henceforth gripped with indecision. Later in their journey, they discover a lion sculpture, the examination of which imparts some additional understanding of the world to them, which results in an increase in their insanity.

Soon after, the group locates the object of their hunt.

Monday, May 8, 2017

HMGS MidWest Little Wars 2017 Convention

I attended the Little Wars 2017 convention in Lombard Illinois on April 28th. Unfortunately I was only able to attend on the convention on Friday. There were a lot of events I was interested in scheduled for Saturday and Sunday as well that I had to miss out on. Even so, was able to play in two games: a Hail Caesar game of Romans vs Britons, and a Black Powder game of Poles vs Russians set during the Polish uprising of 1794. And I found some bargains in the dealer hall and flea market. I also took some pictures of the other games that were set up Friday morning. Have a look below for my general pictures of other games, followed by pictures of the two games I played with details of the how the games went.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Painting Winter War Soviets

I have finalized my process for painting my Winter War Soviet infantry. There are a lot of steps, but most of them go very quickly and don't require careful painting or much skill, so I was able to get my infantry painted relatively quickly using this process. The paints I used are mostly out of print Citadel paint colors, but hopefully by looking at the pictures below for each stage you can figure out an equivalent color to use, if you want to follow a similar process.

Here is the full list of steps. Further down I have close up pictures showing the results of applying each step. The order can be changed around on some of the steps, and they are actually in a slightly different order in the pictures. I primed some of the models white and some grey, and it didn't seem to make much difference, so either is fine.

  1. Codex Grey - basecoat greatcoats, equipment, M27 caps, bases
  2. Adeptus Battlegrey - basecoat black boots and rifle metal
  3. Fortress Grey - wet brush greatcoats, M27 caps, and equipment
  4. Fortress Grey - highlight boots, rifle metal
  5. Skull White - dry brush greatcoats, M27 caps
  6. Mechrite Red - paint collar diamond patches and cap patches
  7. Nuln Oil - wash coat, cap, rifle metal, black boots, and bases
  8. Calthan Brown - basecoat belt, ammo pouches, rifle wood, blanket roll, gloves, entrenching tool handle, brown ankle boots, khaki pants/puttees/helmets, and NCO fleece cap (this is the hardest step, and I actually broke it up into multiple steps when painting up 30 of these guys at a time)
  9. Desert Yellow - edge highlight rifle wood, wet brush gloves, blanket roll, brown ankle boots, khaki
  10. Bleached Bone - paint rifle straps, dry brush khaki and cap fur
  11. Devlan Mud - wash blanket roll, gloves, rifle wood, belts, ammo pouches, and brown ankle boots
  12. Sea green (don't know the actual name of this paint) - wet brush backpack, gas mask case and straps, bottle cover, and entrenching tool cover (don't forget the straps around the blanket roll)
  13. Athonian Camoshade - wash backpack, gas mask case and straps, bottle cover, entrenching tool cover, and khaki
  14. Tallarn Flesh - basecoat faces
  15. Elf Flesh - wet brush faces
  16. Dwarf Flesh - paint lower lips
  17. Chainmail - paint cup, rifle bolts, and belt buckles
  18. White - paint eyes
  19. Black - dot eyes