Monday, February 2, 2009

Attraignnor IV Campaign: Turns 1-5

Below is the campaign map with the initial positions of the armies marked. Click on it for a larger view.

Attraignnor IV Campaign Map: Initial Positions

And here is a summary of the first five turns of movement, with the maps below. So far, it looks like one leg of the Tau army staged an attack on the main gates of Attraignnor IV's capitol city, only to arrive and find the gates destroyed and unguarded, as the city was already in the middle of a civil war. They crossed the bridge into the city, capturing the fortified defenses just inside the walls, and advanced through some civilian areas.

The other leg of the Tau force inserted into a small forgotten corner in the northwest of the city. They quickly secured the Imperial Senate House, but it has long since been abandoned and is no longer any sort of seat of power for the Attraignnor IV government. They continued on to capture the massive Spaceport Complex in order to aid in landing further Tau reinforcements, and set up a very strong defensive position on Gibbet Hill, overlooking the river and a great deal of the city.

Meanwhile, a renegade space marine chapter from off-world descended on the city, dropping off troops in the residential areas in the northeast of the city and making their way to the southwest. Former Imperial Fist Captain Ferranus and his forces broke through into the capitol city from the Western suburbs. They had been contacted by the off-world marines, who do not reveal the name of their chapter but are secretly known as the Crusaders. Both groups of renegades made their way towards the large expanses of the palace grounds, where they met up to organize and coordinate their attacks.

With the two chaos forces now linked up at the palace grounds, the Tau army in the North of the city, though well-entrenched, is completely cut off from the Tau army to the East.

The Tau in the north, realizing they are cut off by the large chaos force assembled on the palace grounds, have decided to consolidate their position. Meanwhile, the combined chaos forces are spreading out to capture key strategic targets within the city.

Attraignnor IV Campaign Map: Turn 1

Victory Points
Chaos: 3
Tau: 2

Attraignnor IV Campaign Map: Turn 2

Victory Points
Chaos: 4.5
Tau: 2.5

Attraignnor IV Campaign Map: Turn 3

Victory Points
Chaos: 1o.5
Tau: 8.5

Attraignnor IV Campaign Map: Turn 4

Victory Points
Chaos: 16.5
Tau: 11.5

Attraignnor IV Campaign Map: Turn 5

Victory Points
Chaos: 24.5
Tau: 14

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