Monday, March 9, 2009

Attraignnor IV Campaign: Turn 10

Captain Octavio Ferranus heard of the civilian uprising in the mercantile and pleasure district, and took advantage of it. He sent reinforcements into the area, already thrown into chaos by the revolt, and took control of it, causing celebration among the rebel citizens. Meanwhile, the off world Chaos Space Marine chapter made use of a civilian militia they recruited from the large hab blocks. They sent the hastily raised militia into the area around building 235, finally regaining complete control of the area.

Meanwhile the Tau, having suffered setback after setback, had decided that they city was lost to them. With the civilians now banding together to rise up on their own against the alien invaders, the Tau knew that they had no hope of victory. The Tau force in the north began to pull back to the spaceport complex in order to evacuate their troops from the planet and abandon it to chaos. The Tau in the East moved into the Railhead Terminus, brushing aside local resistance. They had convinced many citizens in the hab blocks they controlled to join the greater good of the Tau Empire. But now the Tau had given up fighting for the planet, and began the slow process of trying to evacuate, taking their human supporters with them. With control of the rail system, the Tau were planning to retreat from the city on rail cars, and then have ships land outside the city to evacuate them from the planet.

Victory Points
Chaos: 59.5
Tau: 17

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