Monday, March 30, 2009

Nemesis Crown Campaign: Battle 1

Our gaming group played several battles for the Warhammer Fantasy worldwide Nemesis Crown Campaign over the summer of 2007. In the coming weeks, I'll be posting the battle reports from both sides for each of the campaign battles we played, starting with this one.

Vampire Counts
A former empire battle wizard of the Amethyst order turned to necromancy to find a way to bring back his dead wife. He was found out and forced to flee the authorities. He knows the empire is searching for a magical crown. Thinking it to be the crown of Nagash, which might give him the necromantic power to bring his beloved wife back, he searches for it. If he finds it and discovers it is not what he thinks, he can trade it to the emperor for a full lifetime pardon for his crimes.

The fledgling necromancer, Byron Manfred, has put together a small contingent to search for the crown. Included is a wraith which is the spirit is his former mentor in the Amethyst order. While searching for the crown, this group came upon an Elven army that was sent to the old world specifically to hunt down the undead.

In terms of magical ability, Byron, who is new to necromancy, was completely outclassed by three high elf mages. But his army managed to deal a crushing massacre to the attacking high elves, wiping them out to the last elf. Byron and his skeletons ran down the enemy’s massive unit of Phoenix guard, killing every single one. Wolves and ghouls devoured much of the rest of the elf army. Many powerful elven magic items were lost.

With this obstacle out of the way, Byron now continues his search. But when the elves hear of this brutal defeat, they will no doubt wish to get revenge on Byron. He has likely not heard the last from this high elf contingent, as they will continue to scour the area hunting down all undead.

High Elves
Ygrail Sunnier, the Champion of the Fields of Pallain, returned to Commander Cillirial's Pavilion in disgrace. He had barely escaped, his entire unit killed in their fight to escape the foul undead horde. He relayed the sad news of the death of what was thought to be one of their strongest assets, the Undead Huntress, Bringer of Light, Magess Vilya Soliel of Eataine. The stoic Commander as always said nothing, but a single glance toward his aide sent the boy running with new orders. The upstart Necromancer would need to be dealt with. Ygrail was given the opportunity to set off home to his native Cothique, But as a true Champion to the forces of good, chose to stay and carry the fight to the necromancer once more...

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