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The Battle for Planet No-Name: Part 2

If you haven’t already done so, read Part 1 of this battle report here.

Ork Turn 2
Now it was time for the Orks to counter-attack. The Warboss and his retinue disembarked from their useless vehicle. The Warboss had a Power Klaw, and a retinue of Nobz, mostly with Klaw, that had 5+ invulnerable saves and Feel No Pain. A pretty significant threat. They were backed up by the timely arrival of a large unit of Boyz moving onto the table behind them. The unit of Stormboyz also arrived, descending from the sky to land next to the ruined building full of Gaunts and spreading out.
Orks vs Tyranids 2 Orks vs Tyranids 2

The Orks in the Battlewagon attempted to disembark, but there was no room for all of them to get out with the Carnifex and Ravenors so close by. Seeing the bloodthirsty beasts right outside their Battlewagon waiting for them, the Boyz decided to stay put. And with the vehicle stunned, they couldn’t even fire this turn.
Orks vs Tyranids 2

After fire from the newly arrived unit of Boyz killed four of the Genestealers, the Warboss and his retinue charged in and smashed the rest like insects with their Power Klaws. The Warboss then continued charging forward, right towards the center of the Tyranid army, daring them to come and fight him and his nearly invincible warriors.
Photobucket Orks vs Tyranids 2

On the Ork left, the Mega-Armored Nobz and the Killa Can continued to advance toward the flying Hive Tyrant and the Gargoyles. The Weirdboy again failed his psychic test.

Tyranid Turn 3
On the Tyranid left, the old Carnifex moved around to the side of the Battlewagon, hoping to have an easier time piercing the softer armor there. He did, and with his attacks hitting the immobilized vehicle automatically, he managed to destroy it. Only a couple of the Orks were killed in the wreckage. Meanwhile, the Raveners moved toward the newly-arrived Storyboyz. The Guants in the ruined building fired on the Orks, killed several, before the Raveners charged. Another Ravener was lost, but most of the Orks were killed in the charge, and the rest run down as they fled.
Orks vs Tyranids 2 Orks vs Tyranids 2 Orks vs Tyranids 2 Orks vs Tyranids 2

In the center, another Lictor leapt from its hiding place in a tree right beside the Ork Warboss. The two Lictors, the Hormagaunts, and the Hive Tyrant with his unit of Tyrant Guard, all surrounded the Warboss’s unit. Two Zoanthropes fired powered up Warp Blasts at them, but missed. Then the Carnifex fired his Barbed Strangler at the unit, the shot landing perfectly on target, killing three of the Nobz outright! That evened the odds a little.
Orks vs Tyranids 2

Both Lictors, the Hormagaunts, the Hive Tyrant and his bodyguards charged into the Warboss’s retinue from all sides! Since the Orks all had Power Klaws, they would strike last. The two Lictors and a few Hormagaunts managed to bring down the Warboss, and the remaining Hormagaunts, the Hive Tyrant, and the Tyrant Guard combined just did enough wounds to finish off the remaining Nobz. The mighty unit had been slaughtered to the last Ork. One of the Lictors consolidated into the nearby woods, but the other was caught out in the open.
Orks vs Tyranids 2 Orks vs Tyranids 2

On the Tyranid right, the Gargoyles charged up the rocky cliffs toward the Weirdboy and his unit. Being in difficult terrain, the Orks attacked first and killed many of the Gargoyles as they struggled up the rocks. The remaining Gargoyles killed all but the Weirdboy and two of his bodyguards. The Gargoyles had lost the combat, but due to the influence nearby flying Hive Tyrant, the held their ground to continue the fight.
Orks vs Tyranids 2 Orks vs Tyranids 2 Orks vs Tyranids 2

Ork Turn 3
The Mega-Armored Nobz on the Ork left finally got into the action, charging a lone Zoanthrope and tearing it to pieces. The Killa Kan charged the unit of Gargoyles. In the ensuing combat, the Gargoyles managed to finish off the Weirdboy and the remaining two Orks, before the Killa Kan, which was impervious to their attacks, killed several of them.
Orks vs Tyranids 2 Orks vs Tyranids 2 Photobucket Orks vs Tyranids 2

The large unit of Ork Boyz in the middle advanced and gunned down the Lictor that was out in the open.
Orks vs Tyranids 2 Orks vs Tyranids 2

The Boyz from the Battlewagon fired at the old Carnifex, causing one wound. They then charged into combat, but failed to cause any further harm to the monstrous beast. And in subsequent rounds of combat, without the benefit of their furious charge, the Toughness 7 Carnifex would be impervious to their pitiful attacks.
Orks vs Tyranids 2

Tyranid Turn 4
The battle was now drawing to a close, as there weren’t many Orks left on the table. The Carnifex that had been firing his Barbed Strangler from the safety of the woods now found himself threatened by the unit of five Mega-Armored Nobz with Power Klaws. Seeing no good alternative, the Carnifex charged the Nobz, and was joined by the flying Hive Tyrant. All those Power Klaw attacks could do a lot of damage if they got a chance, but the Strength 9 Carnifex would kill the Nobz outright if he wounded them, so a lot would depend on how well the sniper Carnifex could fight in combat. Rolling his four attacks, he scored four hits! Wounding with all but one, he killed three of the Nobz before they could even strike, and the Hive Tyrant killed another. The remaining Nob, avenging his fallen comrades, wounded Hive Tyrant twice.
Orks vs Tyranids 2

The other Carnifex killed several more of the Orks, who could now no longer harm him. In a temporary bout of sanity, the Orks decided to run for it, but the normally ponderous Carnifex ran them down and trampled them all to death as they tried to flee.
Orks vs Tyranids 2

In the center, the three remaining Raveners and the one remaining Lictor charged the last unit of Ork Boyz. They killed many of the Orks, but not enough. In return, the Orks killed the Lictor and two more Raveners.
Orks vs Tyranids 2

At this point, the Orks gave up. The final Mega-Armored Nob would clearly be killed by the Hive Tyrant or Carnifex. The Killa-Can would clearly finish off the Gargoyles, but would likely be taken down by the Flying Hive Tyrant. The unit of Boyz would finish off the one remaining Ravener to earn another kill point, but the still mostly intact Hormagaunts and Hive Tyrant with Tyrant Guard could finish off the boyz. In any case, there was no way that the remaining Orks could possibly gain enough Kill Points to catch up, and so it was a Tyranid victory.

There was one Ork, however, that did manage to flee off the table and escape alive. Perhaps he is off to raise another army, and the battle for control of Planet No-Name will continue.

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