Monday, August 10, 2009

Warhammer 40,000 Eldar Special Character

Rai luith aeth
Aka Pirate Captain Raleigh

Captain Raleigh is the captain of one of the cruisers in Tito’s fleet, as well as the leader of the ships ground forces. He is a competent naval commander and military strategist, but his greatest skill lies in his mastery of guerilla warfare.

Through many decades of piracy and raiding, Raleigh has become an expert in stealth, ambush, and sabotage. He would often sneak behind enemy lines or into encampments to plant booby traps. He would then conceal himself and wait for the perfect moment in order to spring an attack when the enemy least expects it.

Perhaps his most famous battle occurred while raiding an imperial outpost. Unexpectedly, the outpost ended up having several squads of Ultramarines guarding it. After springing their attack, Raleigh and his men suffered a brutally swift counter-attack from the highly trained Space Marines.

All of Raleigh’s men were wiped out in the ensuing firefight, but Raleigh managed to escape and conceal himself. The Ultramarines thought the battle was over, but Raleigh would not leave without avenging his fallen men.

Using his incredible stealth, Raleigh stalked the Ultramarines, waiting for individual units to be isolated. Then suddenly he would be upon them, his arcane but deadly rad grenades weakening the marines before he charged in the finish them off. Then, as quickly as he has sprung upon them, he would fade away back into the darkness before another squad could arrive to help.

Captain Raleigh repeated this tactic, isolating each of the marine combat squads, ambushing them, and then escaping into hiding. He continued his guerilla campaign until he had slain every single one of the Ultramarine guards at the outpost. This amounted to killing around 15 or 20 Space Marines single handedly.

But more importantly for Raleigh, he had killed those who had slaughtered his brave men, and avenged their loss. Afterward Raleigh made his way back to his ship to get reinforcements, and the outpost was then successfully raided. All who heard of the raid learned of the value of Raleigh’s guerilla warfare tactics.

WS:6 BS:6 S:3 T:3 W:3 I:6 A:3 Ld:10 Sv:3+

Fleet of Foot, Independent Character.

Master Strategist: Captain Raleigh is essentially the corsair equivalent of an Autarch. He has the Master Strategist rule, just like a regular Autarch.

Guerilla Warrior: Captain Raleigh is an expert in guerilla warfare. He has the Infiltrate and Hit And Run universal special rules.

Shuriken pistol, power weapon, avenger shuriken catapult, plasma grenades, haywire grenades, forceshield (4+ invulnerable save), mandiblasters.

Rad Grenades: These extremely rare grenades saturate a small area with a burst a powerful radiation that is engineered to quickly dissipate once the initial damage is done. A model with rad grenades can re-roll any of his to wound rolls in the first round of any assault.

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