Monday, March 7, 2016

Warhammer Quest Goblin Netters and Clubbers

Warhammer Quest
This checks off another entry on the Warhammer Quest level 1 monster table. I painted up 3 netters and 3 clubbers to represent the entry for 6 goblin netters. Well, one of the clubbers was actually painted by a friend of mine a long time ago. They are mostly black cloth and green skin, and were pretty quick to paint with my normal basic techniques. Nothing too fancy, but I'm now one step closer to completing the level 1 monster table.


  1. Looks great as usual :) By now I'm sure you have perfected the clear base application; may I ask your preferred adhesive to stop misting superglue style? Thanks!

    1. I've been using something called Maxi-Cure. Lots of places sell it. I got it from Litko (where I got the bases from). You can find it here:

      It definitely does mist up the base if you use too much and it squirts out, or you adjust even a little and smear it. So I have to be careful to stick the miniature in the right place, and use a very small amount of glue. It does seem like it can be scraped off a little with a finger nail after it dries to remove any mistakes.

    2. Ahhh.. thanks for the info, shall check out Litko's offering. Appreciate the help :)