Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wargames Factory Liberty and Union League

There's a relatively new company called Wargames Factory that makes a couple of 28mm plastic multi-part miniature boxed sets. I have no experience with the company of their miniatures, but they have something going on that I think is pretty cool, called the Liberty and Union League.

Basically, you can submit an idea for a plastic sprue that you want them to make, along with a pre-order of how many of them you would buy. They post your idea up on their website so that other people can browse them and place pre-orders. Once a sprue has gotten enough pre-orders, they will produce it. You can see the details of the Liberty and Union League program here.

They need to have pre-orders from at least 100 different people for 1000 of the sprues. And once they reach those numbers, they ask for solid pre-orders with a down payment of $1 per sprue to make sure the interest is really there. But still, it's a cool idea, a good way for them to judge demand for something, and a way for interesting plastic miniatures to get produced that nobody else is doing. Already they've had a sprue of multi-part zombies reach the required threshold, and they're starting to sculpt them. We'll have to wait and see how long it takes them to get from this point to actual production of the miniatures.

You can browse all of the current suggestions and place your preorders here. The American Civil War suggestions, which are of particular interest to me, can be found here.

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