Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Irish Brigade

I've finished my first full brigade of American Civil War union infantry. It represents the famed Irish Brigade, consisting of the 69th, 63rd, and 88th New York, the 116th Pennsylvania, and the 28th Massachusetts Infantry regiments. In the middle, on horseback, is a brigade command base with their commanding officer, Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher, and their chaplain, Father William Corby.

Irish Brigade Irish Brigade Irish Brigade Irish Brigade Irish Brigade Irish Brigade


  1. Hi Craig

    Carpeting underfelt is a really good solid material to use for table coverage. There are some really good examples of it around but the best I've seen can be found at the Kapiti Fusiliers site:

    Your massed Irish Bde looks pretty good too!

  2. Further to previous comment - as it would take a bit of searching to dig it out, herewith is the article on the use of felt from the Kapiti Fusiliers site 'Effective Use of Basecloths for Terrain' at: