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The Battle for Mork's Throne - Part 2

This battle report covers the second of two linked games I played on February 21st. You can read part 1 of the battle report here.

After successfully breaking through the Chaos blockade, the remainder of the Ork fleet approached an inhabited work in the interior of the planetary system. Discovering a small base of Chaos Space Marines operating on the planet, the Orks assume there must be something important there, and decide to attack and take whatever that might be.

On the planet's surface, renegade Space Marines of the Crusaders chapter are preparing to enact some sort of dark ritual, as they often do. Suddenly, they are disrupted by a brutal planetary bombardment, followed by an attack by a horde of Orks who had just landed. Upon arriving, the Orks discover the centerpiece to the dark ritual that was about to be performed. On a slab of marble sat a huge metal chaos icon, an ancient book, a captive woman (presumably to be sacrificed, and a nice looking chair. Of those thing, the only one of any value to an Ork would be the chair. So the Ork Warboss decided to take it. And moreover, he determine that it must be the fabled Throne of Mork, probably a very important artifact in Ork culture, such as it is. So, their objective was clear. Reclaim Mork's Throne!

Here are the initial positions of the Ork and Chaos Marine armies.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

The Orks's double preliminary bombardment managed to accomplish nothing but stunning the Rhino, which probably only served to keep the Khorne Berzerkers inside it from charging off on their own into the middle of the Ork army to get themselves killed.

The Chaos Marines had the first turn. The two large Chaos Marine units stayed still to fire, managing to kill a few Orks. On their first turn, the Orks advanced around the throne. The Stormboys flew recklessly ahead of the rest of the army, and made it far enough to assault the chaos marines taking cover in the ruined building. The Chaos Marines won the combat very convincingly, and the few remaining Stormboys ran away.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

On the second turn the Chaos Marine reserves, a unit of 4 terminators, showed up. They arrived via deep strike to reinforce the Chaos line. The Rhino, no longer stunned, moved at full speed towards the approaching Orks. The two large units of Chaos Marines held still to fire, killing several Orks and wounding the Warboss.
Mork's Throne 2

On the Orks's second turn, their entire force surged forward under the power of the Waargh. Their Deth Copters flew around behind the Rhino and easily destroyed it with their missile launchers, forcing the Berzerkers inside to pour out.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

The power of the Waargh drove the Orks forward with their Fleet of Foot moves.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

Ork units managed to charge the Khorne Berzerkers, the Terminators, and even the unit of Chaos marines that were out in the open, which was charged by the Warboss and his few remaining bodyguards.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

The Berzerkers killed many Orks, but lost five of their own in return and the combat continued. All but one of the Chaos Terminators were killed by a power claw wielding Ork. The unit of Chaos Marines fared better, killing most of the Warboss's bodyguards while taking minimal losses. The Warboss then fled for his life, knowing he couldn't win that fight.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

On the Chaos turn, the unit that had run off the Warboss moved up to charge in and rescue the one remaining Terminator. The final terminator was slain, but so were many of the Orks, and the rest of them fled. The Chaos Lord broke off from the unit he was with and charged into the other combat to help out the remaining Khorne Berzerkers. Together, they killed enough Orks to make them flee, but the Deth Copters decided to stick it out for a while longer and stayed in the fight.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

The fleeing Ork units continued falling back, firing at the Chaos Marines as they went, but their fire was mostly ineffective. The only major Ork threat remaining was the Mega-armored Nobs, who continued to lumber forward. Finally in range to fire some of their weapons, they caused a couple of casualties on the Chaos Marine unit taking shelter in the ruined building. In combat, the Deth Copters managed to wound the Chaos Lord, but one of the copters was destroyed and the other wounded. The wounded Deth Copter fled, and the violent Berzerkers chased after it toward the ragged remains of the Ork army.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

On the Chaos turn, the Lord and Berzerker unit continued to advance, while the two units of Chaos Marines stayed still and fired their long ranged weapons at the only major threat remaining, the Nobs. They managed to kill one of the Mega Armored monsters. The Chaos Lord also wounded another Nob with a well placed plasma pistol shot. In return, the Nobs moved towards the Berzerkers and opened fire, only killing one of them, before charging into combat. In the first round, the Lord managed to cut down two of the Nobs, before himself being torn apart by a vicious power claw attack from one of them. The other Nob cut down three of the Berzerkers.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

On the next turn, the squad of Chaos Marines that the Lord had started in charged in to help finish off the Nobs. The Nobs focused on the new unit of Marines, and managed to kill many of them. But the Chaos Marines eventually managed to drag down the last two Nobs.
Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2 Mork's Throne 2

With the rest of the Ork army having fled the field, the battle was over. The Renegade Marines would never know why they had been randomly attacked by a band of Orks that day, but they had managed to fight them off. The Ork Warboss would no doubt be back someday to once again attempt to reclaim the mighty Throne of Mork.

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