Monday, April 20, 2009

Nemesis Crown Campaign: Battle 4

High Elves
"At Last! Commander, the vile Necromancer has been found!", the runner gasped. Cilliriel gazed at the elf panting at his feet. The messenger was badly wounded, he'd only just escaped the wolves sent after him. The commander laid a hand upon the Elflings shoulder and gazed directly into his eyes. Images flew through his mind.. Beastmen.. Dragon Ogres.. Hordes of undead.. A battle.. a massive army sent forward.. an ambush.. a narrow escape.. the scouting party found out.. the chase. "th-thank you Commander!" The Newly healed runner knew what he had to do and left the tent. When Cilliriel left his pavilion, his retinue was prepared. They departed at once to join the forces of Commander Asurai Durnal.

Passing almost out of the region of Vragthar's Monolith, the shout came.. The mighty Waaaggh! of the Ork kin. It was an ambush! Cilliriel had his battle line drawn before the first ork crested the hill. The elves marched to war. The commander's equerry, the young, but talented Necromancer Elquianna, broke out in cold sweat and nearly fainted from her chariot as the powerful waves of Orkish magic crushed her wards she was able to hastily erect. The contingent of silverhelms bore the brunt of the storm as over half of them fell to the onslaught of the Orcs' heathen gods. The coordinated charge of the elven line proved too much for the goblins however, and the orc line broke. The Elves began to reform their line, Cilliriel turning to meet the rush of a unit of Boarish Cavalry. Elquianna, her chariot destroyed by the combined assault of the goblin archers and the fanatic hidden in their midst, dizzily rushed to join her commander, and was knocked aside by a unit of spider cavalry charging into the flank of the Phoenix Guard, The counter charge by the spearmen proved successful, and both armies retreated from the field. Commander Cilliriel did not have time for another battle with the orks today. His silverhelms were gone, and his equerry was badly wounded, but his retinue was mostly intact, and off he continued to deal with the vile Necromancer. to end his reign of terror. The Orcs will have to wait until tomorrow.

Dem pointies ‘r mak’in Urgwart ANGRY! Me fink’s dey learned somf’in from us, dey had lots of boyz wit’um dis time, an’ even some charoits. Musta seen ‘ow orcs fight, now dey try’in it out demselves. Dem gobbos ran like gobbo’s like do’in. We lost some boyz too, but Urgwart not bovvered by it doh. Da big orc “Grimgor” is com’in down from da mountains. All kinds ‘a boyz are in da forest now. Urgwart gonna get a bunch more boyz togevver and show ‘dese pointies where dey belong. If Grimgor is Gork reborn, ‘den Urgwart is Mork reborn! WAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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