Monday, May 11, 2009

Nemesis Crown Campaign: Battle 7

The herd had been broken, Banedrom defeated. The deadlings proved to be too numerous and when aided by the necromantic magics, crushed a large war herd. A particularly brutal Wargor called Khargar seizes a small warband and begin the hunt. The shaman called Gharnok agreed to bestoy the gifts of Khaos and even the ancient dragon ogres have agreed to help destroy the deadlings.

The foul stench was not hard to pick up as the very earth reeked of undeath. The small raiding party happens upon a necromancer and his minions. As a storm rages in the distance and the reek of undeath fill his muzzle, Khargar is reminded of the frustration felt in the last battle against the deadlings. A moment of intense rage overcomes him as he lets out a desperate roar and charges. Joining the ranks of the bestigors, they march towards the armored deadlings.

The unruly herd, maddened by the reek of death, charge a small building filled with the living fiends only to leave when tempted by their dark hounds. The centigors, much more eager to charge the black knights after a glorious binge of wine and ale, let loose a fearsome and foolishly optimistic charge…

After watching the centigors get crushed by the black knights, Khargar stops his Bestigor herd and awaits the charge. The black knights turn and launch a charge. A chill runs down his spine as Khargar hears a whisper. This was no deadling. A wicked blood drinker this was. Surprised, Khargar does not stand a chance and is swiftly dispatched by the vampire. However, the bestigors would hold. though the dark knights were fearsome, the bestigors would prove earn their favor from the dark Gods.

Enraged by their blunderous appearance in this accursed herd’s previous battle, the mighty dragon ogres choose their target. Awakened by the storm to be insulted by the beastmen, the undead would feel the rage of the centuries. Leading a crushing charge against the armored deadlings, the dragon ogres smash into the undead with a series of bone crushing swings. They fail to notice the bestigors, who have smashed through the black knights, have charged the same target in its flank. The combination was devastating.

The bestigors raise their banner and let loose a hideous slew of bray and snarls, cursing the undead horde and it’s foul stench. The remaining wolves and bats flee into the woods as the necromancer summons rotting guardians to escort him from the battlefield.

Vampire Counts
After defeating and driving off the Beastman horde, most of Byron's army went on ahead while he stuck around to search the area for the elusive prize. Unfortunately, the remnants of the beastman army returned for revenge! Byron was caught off guard with only a small contingent to guard him. But the beastmen had the aid of several massive dragon ogres! Having been humiliated and assaulted previously, both by their own drunken allies and the enemy's necromantic magic, the dragon ogres were back for vengeance. Their fury could not be stopped, and there was nothing in Byron's small contingent that could stand in the face of their furious onslaught. Black knights charged the beastman bestigors, and despite taking out the enemy general, they were unable to break the unusually resolute beastmen and were eventually defeated. The wights there to guard Byron were all destroyed by raging dragon ogres and the bestigors. Luckily, Byron himself managed to survive and escape. He must now make his way through the dangerous forests without any protection to meet back up with the bulk of his army. Hopefully things will be going better for them.

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