Monday, July 5, 2010

Old Tyranid Warriors

I just finished painting up an old unit of Tyranid Warriors. A really old unit, in fact. Actually, these were the very first Warhammer 40,000 miniatures I ever purchased. This was right after the Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition boxed game came out. I didn't even have the game yet, but I did get a box of plastic miniatures that included these Tyranid Warriors, some plastic Genestealers which I still use, some really awful plastic Space Marine Temrinators, and some plastic Space Marine scouts, all with mohawks, as was the style back then.

That box set of plastic miniatures was my first step into the miniature gaming hobby. And I've just now finally gotten around to painting those Tyranid Warriors. Here are some pictures of the results.
And here is the whole unit of 6 together. Unfortunately, I couldn't find all 6 of the Deathspitters, so two of these guys have the ones from the new plastic Tyranid Warriors. I have no idea what could have happened to the two original Deathspitters from these models. But the new set of arms actually looks fine on the older models, I just don't like that it isn't consistent throughout the unit.
Yes, these really old plastic models may look a little ugly compared with the more recent plastic set, but they do have some sentimental value. And I just like using all the old models from my collection that I've played so many memorable games with. So I'm looking forward to fielding these Tyranid Warriors again, as I did in my very first game all those years ago. Except this time they'll be painted!


  1. A LITTLE ugly? These models are sentimental to me in the fact that they made me NOT want to play tyranids. :)

  2. I actually think the multi-layer thing they did with the chest piece is really cool, and I haven't seen that done again since. And these have a much more insect-like look to them then the current line.

    I don't really like the turkey thing under the neck or the buck teeth, and the weapons are really blob-y. Aside from that, I think they look pretty good.