Thursday, August 19, 2010

Renegade Imperial Guard Infantry Squad

I've finished converting and primed my first squad for my renegade Imperial Guard army. It's just a basic infantry squad, with one guardsman upgraded to carry a flamer. You can read about my conversions on this post. The Wargames Factory models take a little extra work to get them to really look good. I ended up cutting the left hands at the wrist and re-gluing them at different rotations to fit the guns better. That seemed to work out pretty well. I also had to file down the back, front, or top of some of the shoulders to get the arms at the angles I wanted.

Below are some pictures of the first primed infantry squad.

My army comes from a world that is very feudal, and still has a very large class of nobility. The youngest sons of noble families often join the military as officers because they have no other prospects. So I imagine the army having a large proportion of officers. So instead of sergeants leading squads, each of my squads will be led by a young Ensign. The model is one of the officers from the Victrix Old Guard Grenadier box.

So, let me know what you think. Also, I'm not sure what to do next. Should I paint this squad and try to work out my color scheme? Finish the rest of the Infantry squads so I can paint them all at once assembly line style? Convert more conscripts? Maybe try to make some Rough Riders? Any advice?


  1. Sweet Lord! What have you done to those beautiful historical figures!! Just kidding. I dabbled for a while in painting GW Imperial Guard in Napoleonic French colors. I did not finish the project as I found that I did not like the game. My plan was to organize and build all of the figures prior to painting as it would lead to more uniformity in colors.

    I look forward to see where this project takes you.

  2. Very nice work.

    I would make a few extra figures, and experiment with the paints. Once you find a scheme you like, note down the colours you used and get a squad painted. If you still like it, you're in business!

    Oh, and make sure it's a scheme you can cope with repeating 100+ times...

  3. So Imperial guard Imperial guard :) nice

    BLue i recon would be good, obviously wth blue trousers ... and Blue armour... Sounds Boring now.

    Rough Riders... Perry dragoons, or Carrabineers :) or Cuirassier and use the spare Carrabineers heads as Sappers/Sargents.. also get spare cuirrasier Torso's for Officer Conversions. :)

  4. You should make a little forcefield generating servo skull to fly over the Sgt since he looks a little smaller than the rest.

  5. An army with a larger proportion of officers to other ranks is mental, it can not and would not function. Young Ensigns or Second Lieutenants as the British Army calls them are basically half-wits. To lead a squad of soldiers requires someone with an abundance of common sense. So unless you are going to give your squad leader a stupidity rule, your army will be even more unrealistic, even by GW standards.
    I am an ex-squaddie!