Thursday, May 10, 2012

GHQ Painted Confederate 33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

The next brigade I'm working on for my 10mm American Civil War forces is the Confederate Stonewall Brigade. I started out with the 33rd Virginia. I found some information about the uniforms worn by the 33rd Virginia at first Bull Run which said they had worn dark blue frock coats and white belts. I decided to paint my 33rd Virginia this way to add some variety to the brigade, and I like the look of the white belts. Here are some pictures of the finished regiment.


  1. What size do you base your troops on?

  2. These are based on 3/4" square steel bases, or around 20mm square.

  3. Do you also have them on magnets? Sorry to ask so many questions. I'm in that "deciding on base size phase for a couple eras.

    1. Yes, I then put them on a magnetic strip that is the size of the entire unit so I can move them around together easily, but with separate bases I could put them lines up in a march column if I wanted, or make different sized units.