Friday, August 10, 2012

Painted Pegasus Hobbies Gothic City Terrain

I got around to painting my Pegasus Hobbies Gothic City Terrain pieces. It was a pretty simple and quick paint job. I first primed everything in black. Then I did a heavy drybrush using dark gray craft paint and a cheap 1" wide brush from the hobby store, followed by a lighter drybrush using a lighter gray color. This turned out pretty well, and I just had to paint a few details. The biggest was painting all the window bars and the metal parts on the door (and lantern/torch fixtures) in Tin Bitz followed by a drybrush of Boltgun Metal to give it an old, rusted metal look.  I painted the tops with Burnished Gold, which took a few coats to cover completely. Then there were just a few other details, like the wood of the door and floor supports, the fire on the torches, and the light of the lanterns.  Here are the results.

And here are some pictures with the pre-painted Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Rubble sets and some other terrain strewn about on my gaming board.

There are some big blank spaces on the shorter internal wall pieces. I'm thinking about applying some waterslide transfers I have that there are just a bunch of text. Some devotional things put up on the wall or something. What do you think? Do those sections look too empty? And if so, what should I put there?

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