Monday, February 4, 2013

Black Powder Scenario - Breakout

This scenario for Black Powder was designed for my American Civil War armies, but I'm sure it could be generalized to other periods easily. We play using all distances in centimeters instead of inches, so playing this scenario in the normal scale of Black Powder would require a larger table. I've played it once and it worked out pretty well, though it might work out better to give the Union player the first turn. In our game, I think if the Confederate player had rolled better command rolls on his first turn, the game might have been over very quickly. I will write up and post a battle report of the game in the near future, but for now have a look at the scenario rules.


The Confederate Division has stalwartly held their position as the rest of their army has suddenly fallen back. They find themselves now surrounded by the swiftly advancing union forces and must fight their way out. The Union Division has a chance, if they act quickly, to cut off the Rebels.

Confederate Forces

5 Regular Infantry Units
3 Elite Infantry Units (Brave, Steady)
2 Light Smooth-bore Foot Artillery Batteries
2 Light Cavalry Units (Skirmish, Marauders, pistols/shotguns)
1 Commander
3 Brigadiers

Union Forces

5 Regular Infantry Units
5 Elite Infantry Units (Brave, Steady)
2 Light Cavalry Units (Skirmish, Breach Loading Carbines)
1 Commander
3 Brigadiers


The battlefield is 4’ x 4’, with any suitable terrain. There can be a hill or other commanding feature in the center.


The Union army deploys first, up to 6cm onto the table on any table edge, and can split up their force any way they choose among the table edges.

The Confederate army then deploys everything but their two Cavalry units anywhere in a 24cm square in the center of the table with their units facing any direction they wish. They must at this point choose which board edge leads to their retreating army, which they will try to break through to reach. They must also at this point choose a board edge which their cavalry will arrive in reserve from. Finally, they may place one line of linear obstacles anywhere entirely in their deployment zone, representing them being dug in for the prior battle.

First Turn

The Confederate army has the first turn.


The Confederate Cavalry units arrive in reserve. They can move on the chosen board edge at any point the player wishes. If they move on within 6 cm, they can move on with a brigade order as normal. However, to make it less likely they show up early in the battle, on Turn 1 they count as Command Value 2, on turn 2 they count as Command Value 4, on Turn 3 as Command Value 6, and on turn 4 or later Command Value 8. They must issue orders and roll against this command value to move on to the board (ignoring any blunders), after which they behave as normal.

Victory Conditions

The Confederates win if they are able to move more than half of the units that started in their deployment zone off the table edge they have chosen. If they manage to move off fewer than half, it is a Union victory. If exactly half, it is a draw.

Special Rules

Surrounded – Ignore the Brigade Morale rules for the Confederate force.

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