Monday, July 20, 2015

Mantic Ghouls for Warhammer Quest

Warhammer Quest I finished painting 12 of the Mantic ghouls for use in Warhammer Quest. There isn't a ton of variety with the Mantic ghouls, with only two different upper bodies, two different lower bodies, and three different heads, plus a few weapon options (knife, cleaver, and some weird claw glove). I tried to get as much variety as I could with what options there were so they didn't look like a bunch of identically posed clones. See below for the results.

The paint jobs were fairly simple. The pale, ashy skin I achieved by priming a dark grey, painting all the skin a very light grey color (leaving the recesses darker), then drybrushing white. I then used a sepia wash to give a bit of skin tone. I think it turned out pretty well for such a quick and simple method. The clothes were just base coated with different combinations of a few different colors, then washed with dark brown (specifically Devlan Mud).

Unfortunately, I bought these before I decided to start using the transparent bases for my Warhammer Quest models. The Mantic ghouls have built-in bases attached to their feet, so they aren't really idea for use with the transparent bases. They turned out pretty well overall, though now I'm realizing I should have put some blood and grime on their weapons.

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