Monday, December 18, 2017

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire painted core set

I have finished painting my Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire core set. I didn't paint any of the bases because I intend to base them on some clear acrylic bases once I get some that are the right size. The base size doesn't matter at all for Shadespire, but I might someday use these in Age of Sigmar so I figured I should use the standard base sizes for the models (though base size doesn't technically matter there either).

This was my first time painting any Stormcast or any Khorne models. Let me know what you think of the results.

Here are Garrek's Reavers. I tried to paint the skin tones similar to the official paint jobs, since these are meant to represent very specific individuals. I did take some liberties with the equipment and clothing colors to make things simpler and limit the number of different colors I would need to paint on them. Consequently I was able to paint these pretty quickly, and I think the same method would work for batch painting large units of them if I ever want to paint up more for Age of Sigmar.



Karsus the Chained

Blooded Saek

Garrek Gorebeard

And here are Steelheart's Champions, the Stormcast Eternal warband. I'm pretty happy with how the gold armor turned out, though it took a lot of effort to get that result. Mostly because the metallic gold paints I have don't cover very well, so I had to apply several coats each of a couple different shades of gold paint. I painted mine a little different than the standard because I wanted all of the leather to be the color of the leather wrapping on the weapon handles. It took me several tries to come up with a method for painting the leather that got the results I wanted. I ended up leaving the earlier attempts on those models, so now all three have a slightly different color of leather. If I were to paint more Stormcast, I'd go with the method I used on the leader, Severin Steelheart.

Severin Steelheart

Angharad Brightshield

Obryn the Bold

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  1. They are absolutely fantastic! A like the way the limited colour scheme adds a little uniformity, bonding them together without detracting from their individuality. Great work.