Monday, April 6, 2009

Nemesis Crown Campaign: Battle 2

High Elves
As the patrol group crested the hill, a messenger was spotted flying from the woods. It had been days, and still no signs of the Necromancer's vile army. And today would be no different. The messenger brought word from none other than Commander Korhil of the White Lions! A detachment of Orcs has slipped past his screen, and assistance was required.
The elves met the orc horde on the field and quickly initiated combat. The sound of Eagle Claw bolt throwers raining death upon the orc mobs was beautiful to behold, but the true honour of the day went to the Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe, who not only held the Arcane Ruins for much of the battle, but further destroyed the warbosses favorite chariot, drawing him and his mob of Black orks into a deadly cross charge from the silverhelms. In the end, the orks were held at bay, but at much cost from the patrol party. Leaderless, the Orks will need time to regroup, time that the elves are happy to give. Word was sent speedily to Commander Cilliriel of the situation.

Dat big dumb orc tinks he was the baddest orc to walk dis world. Thought he was Gork 'imself. Now e's dead, 'en it's Urgwart's WAAAGH!!! 'Dem pointy 'eads are good fur somf'in. Would've taken Urgwart longer to kill off dat idiot warboss. All 'ese orcs tink dey can just stomp everyone to the ground. Dey tink like Gork does. Not Urgwart...Urgwart know's Mork is best. 'Dem pointy 'eads better be ready for us now that Urgwart is in charge! WAAAAGH URGWART!!!!

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