Monday, May 18, 2009

Nemesis Crown Campaign: Battle 8

Vampire Counts
Byron was able to escape the previous attack on him and meet back up with his new master, the necromancer known only as "The Butcher of Bergendorf". Byron made his way to the Butcher's secret lair in an old decrepit and abandoned coaching inn to continue his training in the necromantic arts. Unknown to him, a scouting party from the high elf army he previously defeated had managed to come across the Butcher's necromantic host and find his hideout.

Shortly after Byron arrived, an elven army showed up to avenge their fallen brethren. The Butcher gathered his undead hosts to repel the attack. The Elves brought several bolt throwers and several chariots, as well as many large blocks of troops. But they could not compete with the magical mastery attained by The Butcher and his two apprentices, as they raised zombies and magically moved their soldiers at will.

The bolt thrower crews were mostly killed or chased off by a pack of ghosts who descended upon them with unnatural speed. The remaining bolt thrower crew was killed by giant fell bats, but not before a lucky shot destroyed most of the unit of black knights led by the powerful wight lord with his ancient magic sword. What little remained of the unit was surrounded and overwhelmed in combat by a block of elven spearmen, and the power of the magic animating the wight lord was broken. As he was surrounded, his corpse simply fell limp to the ground, perhaps to be re-animated again in the future.

The Elven chariots were destroyed or chased off. Eventually the two Elven mages were run down by zombies and dire wolves, presumably to be devoured. The Elves still had many solid troops remaining, but their time had run out. With night beginning to fall, the Elves had to withdraw, for facing the undead horde at night when their strength was greatest would be foolish.

The Elves had suffered relatively few casualties, but with no war machines, chariots, or magical support, they would be unable to mount a serious offensive against The Butcher's forces. This should leave Byron plenty of time undisturbed to learn from The Butcher and improve his necromantic skills.

High Elves
Cilliriel's army retreated from the battlefield. The necromancers had once again evaded them. The undead horde proved too plentiful to break through and the loss of his mages proved to be the killing blow on the elves' hopes for victory. It was with a heavy heart that the order for retreat was given, but elven lives are too precious a commodity to waste on these battlefields in the old world... the time for revenge shall come.

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