Monday, May 25, 2009

Nemesis Crown Campaign: Battle 9

High Elves
After the losing battle to slow the undead horde, Cilliriel's vastly diminished army retreated back to the Vragthar's Monolith region to regroup. His detachment of Phoenix Guard, which was tasked with keeping watch on the Ork Waaagh gaining power in the area, reported a large influx of orks joining the Shaman. Sliver Helm Commander Asurai Durnal of Sylvanus immediately took his personal retinue to the fore. As Experienced Battle Mages were becoming scarce, the army was forced to go without any magical assistance. They came upon the orks in a heavily forested area, and Commander Durnal quickly formed up his line. A strategic feint forced the orks to show their hand as they charged forward. Durnal lost sight of his army as he and his personal retinue of Silver Helms rode into the forest, the magic of their banner filling the steeds with the drive of the Father of Horses, to whom terrain meant nothing, cutting off the flank attack of the Wolf Riders. Seeing this charge, so much like the Heroes of Old, was too much for the little goblins, which fled the battle in terror, never looking back. Asurai regrouped his men to an awful sight. His line was not just broken, it was decimated. A single unit of Black Orks had defeated three blocks of elven spearmen, and the other orks were already turning back, thinking the battle over. Asurai and his men charged. They charged like never before. They charged like the Heroes of Old. The orks were nothing before them. Even the black orks, with a cunning counter charge, could not hold. In the wake of the Silver Helm’s fury, not a single ork in sight was left alive. The battle was won. The Waaagh was decimated, but the losses were great. The battle will stay in the survivors’ minds as one of the bloodiest ever fought. Khaine is surely happy this day…

‘Dem pointies musta got da’ best of us dis time. Urgwart woke up to da stench of dead boyz. ‘Dem pointies cheated and got behind us somehow. Leave it to gobbos to run instead of watch’in our backs. We didn’t let’em go widdout ‘urtin’em though. ‘Dem black orcs ‘dat got togevver wiff us were strong! Dem boyz went charg’in right down the field and into dem pointies. Urgwart helped’em a bit wit somma Mork’s power. Dey made the pointies look like gobbos da way dey ran! Urgwart was a bit too proud of dat, cuz me was fink’in we won da fight. Then, dem pointies on horsies came tunder’in from da trees. Dey ran right over me and da boyz, and one of’em even poked me. Da’ last ting Urgwart ‘members is gett’in tramppled by horsies. Mork’s gotta have big plans for Urgwart, cuz me tinks I should’a been stink’in up da forest like all the ‘utter dead boyz. Da world betta look out, cuz Urgwart may be ‘urtin, but e’ain’t dead! Waaagh Urgwart is just start’in! WAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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