Monday, October 5, 2009

3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment

I finished painting my fifth unit of Civil War Confederate Infantry. They are vaguely meant to represent the 3rd Arkansas, which completes my Hood's Texas Brigade. The 3rd Arkansas were added to the brigade long after Hood had been promoted away, and they were never in at the same time as the 18th Georgia, but I intend to use them all in the brigade anyway. That will make the brigade have the same number of regiments as my Union Irish Brigade, so it'll keep the forces even.

In the future when I have larger forces to draw from, I can always remove this unit from the Texas Brigade as appropriate and use it as some other infantry regiment, as there is nothing about them that specifically identifies them in any way as the 3rd Arkansas. I did give the colonel a light colored beard, so I have no idea if he even looks like the commander of any particular regiment. That was just a stylistic choice to make him different than the other ones I had painted.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the unit.
3rd Arkansas Infantry 3rd Arkansas Infantry 3rd Arkansas Infantry

And some close-ups of the command base.
3rd Arkansas Infantry 3rd Arkansas Infantry

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