Monday, October 12, 2009

Work In Progress: Renegade Techmarines

I don't really like the models for the Chaos Space Marine Obliterators, and inviting such mutation doesn't really fit in with the theme of my renegade marine chapter. I also never understood why the Chaos Space Marine army list didn't include Techmarines, since renegade chapters would obviously still need them to take care of their vehicles and equipment. So, for the Obliterators in my Chaos Marine army, I decided to convert some renegade Techmarines with all sorts of weapons built into their bionic attachments. The 2+ save, 2 wounds, and invulnerable save could represent particularly well-made armor, bionics, and personal force fields.

So I recently started working on the first two conversions. I can't do a third yet, because I need to get a third Techmarine model. Unfortunately, if I want a different techmarine base model from the two I already have, I either have to spend over $40 for one that comes with a bunch of servitors that I don't need, or spend almost $50 to get the even nicer one (just because it looks more different from the two I already have) that comes with a Thunderfire Cannon that I don't need. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

I think the two I'm working on now are pretty good so far. They don't have all of the weapons options available to Obliterators represented on the models, but they're close. One has four of the six options, the other has five. I put a few spikes and a skull on them to make them fit in a little more with the Chaos Marine models, but I'm not sure I've done enough in that respect. I think they might look more Chaos-y if they had more spikes, chains, and skulls, but the models are already pretty busy, and I'm not sure there is room to put much more on them.

I've taken some pictures of them, so let me know what you think.
Obliterator2 Obliterator2 Obliterator2 Obliterator2

Obliterator1 Obliterator1 Obliterator1 Photobucket

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  1. That is awesome; very cool conversion. Can't wait to see it finished.