Friday, October 23, 2015

Painted Kingdom Death: Monster starting survivors and white lion

Kingdom Death
I finished assembling and painting the four starting survivors and the first monster (the white lion) for Kingdom Death: Monster. The survivors were an interesting challenge. They are mostly bare skin skin, with just a white cloth draped over them. The miniatures are very true scale, and lack the exaggerated features and recesses that would allow for a base color and wash to get good results. I also gave each of the four survivors a different skin tone, so I had to find different combinations of paints that worked well for each of them, and the results varied. I also always have trouble with painting white cloth, though I think it turned out pretty well this time. Many of my pictures of the survivors turned out blurry, but have a look below to see how they turned out, and further down for some pictures of the white lion.

And here's how my white lion turned out. I didn't find any detailed color pictures of it in the rulebook, so I just had to make up the color scheme.

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  1. Craig! Those look great. The humans look a little pale, bit there's good tone and variation in the skin. Are their feet pinned to the bases? That's not a lot of connection contact.

    I really like the lion a lot.