Monday, June 6, 2016

Warhammer Quest Beastmen

Warhammer Quest
I've completed another entry on the level 1 monster table in Wahammer Quest. This time it was 8 Beastmen with spears. The models are extremely old single-piece plastics. They also have halberds instead of spears, but close enough for my use. The painting was pretty simple. I gave them each a different color of cloth to give some variety. I also gave some of them brown leather and the rest black, and some white metal emblems and the rest yellow metal. Hopefully this helps them look a little less homogeneous even though they are all the same model. I didn't vary the skin or fur colors at all. I'm sure that would have helped, but I didn't want to spend a the extra time on it. I had some trouble getting the hooves to look convincing at first, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out in the end.

The basic painting process was as follows, using mostly out of production Citadel paints and starting with a white spray primer. I then painted the cloths and the chaos icons in different colors.

Skin and Fur
Calthan Brown - basecoat
Vermin Brown - wet brush fur
Vermin Brown - drybrush fur
Bronzed Flesh - wet brush skin, leaving Calthan Brown in recesses
Bronzed Flesh - second wet brush layer for coverage
Bronzed Flesh - highlight raised areas
Ogryn Flesh - wash skin and fur

Weapons and Armor
Graveyard Earth - basecoat wood
Chaos Black - basecoat black leather, metal
Snakebite Leather - wet brush brown leather (leave brown in recesses)
Adeptus Battlegrey - wet brush/highlight black leather
Bleached Bone - wet brush teeth, nails, hooves, horns (leave brown in recesses)
Desert Yellow - dry brush wood
Devlan Mud - wash wood, horns, brown leather, hooves
Chainmail - wet brush metal weapons
Badab Black - wash metal

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