Monday, January 22, 2018

Painting Shadespire Bloodreavers

I've written up a step-by-step guide to how I painted the Bloodreavers in the Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire core set. These were the first Bloodreavers I've painted, and the first Khorne models of any kind really. I took pictures along the way, though they didn't turn out great. Hopefully you get the idea. Unless specified, all of the paints are out of production Citadel/Games Workshop paints from their previous (and now replaced) range.

The method I came up with ends up being pretty fast, and I think it would be good for painting up a bunch of models in large batches. There are a lot of steps, but most of them are easy and don't require careful painting, so they go quickly. The washes at the end really help obscure any mistakes. As you can see from the pictures, I don't worry too much as I go along about making mistakes or getting good coverage, especially on the early steps, because it will get fixed later. Each picture is the result of the several steps listed above. Have a look at my process below and let me know what you think of the results.

  1. Prime White
  2. Abaddon Black - basecoat all metal (weapons, armor, armor trim, chains) and hair
  3. Adeptus Battlegrey - basecoat black leather (shoes, belts, wrist guards)
  4. Kemri Brown - basecoat brown leather (pants, weapon handles)
  5. Tallarn Flesh/Calthan Brown - basecoat light/dark skin

  6. Mechrite Red - basecoat armor (can leave black in recesses)
  7. Chainmail - basecoat weapons, chains (can leave black in recesses)

  8. Blood Red - wet brush armor
  9. Elf Flesh / Bronzed Flesh - wet brush light / tanned skin
  10. Snakebite Leather - wet brush brown leather, dark skin

  11. Bleached Bone - dry brush light skin
  12. Fiery Orange - edge highlight armor
  13. Desert Yellow - wet brush brown leather, drybrush dark skin

  14. Baal Red - wash armor
  15. Kommando Khaki - edge highlight brown leather
  16. (Coat D’arms) Gold - basecoat armor and weapon trim
  17. (Reaper) Breast Cancer Pink - layer scar tissue, tongues
  18. Dwarf Flesh - lower lip, nipples

  19. Mithril Silver - edge highlight weapons, weapon trim, and armor trim
  20. Fortress Grey - edge highlight then lightly dry brush black leather
  21. Bleached Bone - basecoat cloth, skulls, and stitches, layer bony protrusions

  22. Devlan Mud - wash brown leather, armor, armor trim, and dark skin
  23. Skull White - wet brush skulls, lightly dry brush (or edge highlight) light skin, edge highlight cloth and bony protrusions
  24. Gryphonne Sepia - wash skulls, tanned skin, and cloth
  25. Reikland Fleshshade - lightly wash light skin
  26. Nuln Oil - wash weapons and black leather

And here are some pictures, in better lighting, of the final result.

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