Monday, December 17, 2018

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Finale

Long ago, ravenous beasts searched the darkness, using their keen senses to find their prey. In the distance, they saw a blooming pillar of light surrounded by tasty morsels bustling in their tiny industry.

Licking their chops, they approached. But the beasts halted mid-step. The wind carried a foul, menacing presence. Surely the busy creatures were harmless. Yet, the menacing warning persisted, felt in their very bones. Instinctively, the beasts turned away, seeking their meals elsewhere.

Four chosen survivors prepare the face their ultimate predator, the mysterious being that slumbers at the center of the vast chamber hidden within the lantern horde.

Artemis, master of the bow, wears the trusty old rawhide armor, along with a lucky charm, and carries a cat gut bow and a beacon shield.

Aphrodite, the sword master, wears the screaming armor, forsaker mask, and a lucky charm. She is armed with the steel sword and protected by the other beacon shield.

Hephaestus wears the suit of lantern armor, another lucky charm, and a monster tooth necklace and carries a deadly, but somewhat difficult to use, whistling mace.

Odysseus, who has nearly mastered the use of his twilight sword, wears a full suit of phoenix armor and has the additional protection of the man mask.

These chosen survivors are joined by the rest of the settlement's population gathering at the lantern hoard. Bracing themselves in anticipation of the terrifying unknown they must confront, the Olympians enter the chamber to face their destiny.

With a terrific hiss, the watcher deflates onto the floor. A moment passes, no longer than the single beat of a heart, before lanterns all over the chamber explode in a dazzling array of colors. An intense, luminescent goo washes over the survivors and they feel triumph.

At once and without warning, the collected sum of the settlement's lanterns go black. The settlement is plunged into darkness.

Without the lantern light and the watcher's powerful presence, monsters descend without end to devour the settlement.


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