Thursday, August 15, 2019

Nova Aetas - Mission 2.4 The Lion's Den

The mercenary companions have reached Venezia in pursuit of the Doge's troops. Here, among the canals of this picturesque town they know that they will accomplish their destiny. Here between the channels and masks the Doge is waiting...

Along with his normal guards, The Doge is accompanied by Jacopo Adoaldi. The heroes believe they have defeated Adoaldi previously, but it turns out that was merely a decoy posing as Adoaldi. The real Jacopo Adoaldi will not be so easily defeated. However, the heroes do have the power of the Blood of Gaea at their disposal. Joanna carries the potent artifact into the battle.

The Doge’s sword whirls through the air until falling into the waters of the lagoon. He declares defeat, raising his hands in surrender and begging for his life. The people of Venezia are horrified but do not run to the aid of their king, and even the surviving Stratioti turn their back on their Lord. The whole of Venezia surrounds the mercenary companions; this display of support is exactly what they need to win the war against the Church. The people have chosen the new rulers of the Serenissima. As the Doge is taken away amidst the hisses and banter of the crowd, the heroes decide to support the armed Venetians in the battle against Pope Giulio II. Using the power of the Blood of Gaea, nothing can impede their path to victory!

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