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Warhammer 40,000 Eldar Special Character

Tito Cai caedr eth
Exiled Farseer of Iyanden

Tito was born on Craftworld Iyanden, the son of the most powerful and most respected farseer on the craftworld. From a very early age, Tito proved incredibly gifted in the psychic arts, a gift that he clearly inherited from his father. But he also developed many qualities his father did not share. His mind often drifted to thoughts of excitement and adventure, exploration of far away worlds, and the glory of battle.

Tito would have preferred to follow the path of the warrior or of the naval commander. Or even to succumb to the wanderlust and take up with some rangers to explore the distant reaches of the galaxy. But such an option was impossible for the son of an important and respected figure of authority on Iyanden. Tito’s father, pressured by public opinion, in turn pressured his son to follow a respectable path of public service.

So against his true desires, Tito followed in his father’s footsteps and set about one of the strictest and most difficult paths an Eldar can undertake: the path of the seer. Despite his whole heart not being entirely in it, Tito’s natural gifts and thirst for knowledge saw him advance quickly along the path. In fact, he was one of the youngest of the Iyanden craftworld to ever attain the designation of Farseer. Some, however, saw his rapid advancement along the path as recklessness rather than skillfulness. He was particularly resented by many of the older farseers, who had taken much longer than Tito to achieve a similar level of ability and status.

But many others viewed Tito as a brilliant rising star in Iyanden society. Before long, he, like his father, had become an important figure in the leadership of the craftworld. He met and got to know many other leaders of Iyanden society: other seers, politicians, naval commanders, leaders of the great warrior shrines, and many others. But through his rise to prominence, Tito never lost his thirst for adventure, which would soon lead him to tragedy.

One day, Tito proclaimed to his fellow farseers that in his examinations of the strings of fate, he had come to an important conclusion. In his view, the salvation of the Iyanden craftworld, and the Eldar race itself, lie in the recovery of ancient elder artifacts and worlds that were lost during the fall. In his visions, Tito saw that these lost pieces of ancient Eldar culture were the key to reclaiming the glorious heights of power the Eldar once enjoyed. He proposed that a large portion of the fleet and the aspect warriors of Iyanden be formed into a crusading force that Tito himself would lead throughout the galaxy, finding and reclaiming the shards of their lost civilization.

The farseers on the ruling council, including Tito’s father, were completely against the idea, which they considered to be far too dangerous and reckless. They all warned that they sensed a possible disaster that could result from leaving Iyanden so lightly defended. Unfortunately, none of the great farseers were able to foresee any details of the looming danger, as they claimed something was clouding their ability to clearly discern the future.

Tito thought the old farseers were just jealous of his abilities, and were being intentionally difficult. He did not believe their vague claims of a potential disaster since he sensed no such thing. Without their approval, Tito set about convincing others of his plan, and soon had a large group of supporters. These supporters included prominent admiral Kuronus Tirtu and his fleet, powerful autarchs, many aspect warrior exarchs, and quite a few warlocks who had been followers and students of Tito. They were all convinced by the grandeur of Tito’s plans and pledged their considerable resources to it.

With so much support behind him, Tito set off with his fleet and considerable army despite the almost unanimous objections of the other farseers of Iyanden. They explored the galaxy, searching out the former bastions of Eldar civilization in their search for powerful ancient artifacts. Tito personally led many battles on distant worlds, and enjoyed being in the thick of the action. Many of the exodites and rangers the fleet encountered joined up with them when hearing of Tito’s deeds and his noble quest to regain the glory of their race. Even the famed Corsair Prince Yriel joined up with Tito’s grand fleet.

Then one day, without warning, the shadow that had been clouding the strands of the future lifted, and Tito had a horrifying vision. He instantly realized the terrible mistake he had made. The Council of Farseers had been right all along. Tito immediately raced his fleet to the nearest webway portal large enough to accommodate it, and made his way through the webway back to Iyanden.

Tito’s ships exited the webway directly into the carnage of the Tyranid invasion ships of Hive Fleet Kraken. They immediately engaged the foe that was spread out all around them. By this point, most of the Iyanden defense fleet had already been destroyed, and the defenders on the ground were fighting a desperate struggle to hold off the ground invasion. Tito wanted to lead his men in the ground assault against the invading monsters, but he had learned his lesson about ignoring the strands of fate to pursue his own desires.

So, sensing that he would be needed in the naval battle, Tito ordered Prince Yriel to take his corsair fleet and fight their way through the Tyranid bio-ships to the surface of Iyanden. There his men could land and attack the Tyranid ground forces. Tito remained with the rest of his fleet in space to guide them to victory against the overwhelming swarm of living ships. Tito’s skills as a Farseer and his tactical boldness were crucial in eventually destroying the enemy fleet that surrounded them.

On the ground, Prince Yriel’s corsair force turned the tide, and Yriel himself killed the massive beast that was leading the invasion. Despite the eventual victory, Iyanden had been devastated, and countless Eldar lives lost. Those who remained could not help but blame Tito and his arrogance for what had happened. Though Prince Yriel was restored to the rank of admiral to reward his deeds, Iyanden could not forgive Tito, who was exiled from his home forever.

Though personally devastated by what had transpired, there was nothing Tito could do but to continue his quest, and many still followed him on it. He took up adventuring once again, and had many great and glorious victories all over the galaxy, including the destruction of a massive Ork horde in the Peni System, defeat of the Space Wolves on Tirathain, and victory over a mighty Chaos Space Marine army in the epic battle for the Ymga Monolith. He has also recovered many magnificent artifacts dating from the height of Eldar civilization, and discovered several previously unknown maiden worlds. To this day, Tito continues his quest to return the Eldar race to their glory days by recovering the mighty artifacts of their ancient past.

TITO – 200 pts
WS:5 BS:5 S:3 T:3 W:3 I:5 A:2 Ld:10 Sv:-

Fleet of Foot, Independent Character.

Psychic Powers: Tito is a farseer and has the Fortune, Doom, and Mind War psychic powers.

Shuriken pistol, runes of warding, runes of witnessing, ghosthelm, spirit stones.

Kerun Rune armor: This special suit of rune armor confers a 3+ invulnerable save.

Ymga Witchblade: This ancient artifact of the Eldar race was recovered by Tito during the titanic war for the Ymga monolith. It counts as a witchblade that ignores armor saves.

Tito is normally accompanied by a dedicated bodyguard of Howling Banshees. Instead of allowing you to take a unit of warlocks like a normal farseer, Tito can be accompanied by a unit of Howling Banshees chosen as normal, with all the normal options/restrictions. This unit and Tito together are a single HQ choice.

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